Dollop / Aitbf / Factory Floor: Citipost Warehouse 06

  • dollop Present the CitiPost Warehouse Series Limited early bird £5 tickets 2nd Release £8 tickets More on the door The CitiPost Warehouse Series finale this Friday! "Electronic disco dudes dollop’s hijacking of the rather unglamorously named CitiPost Warehouse (which was formerly known as simply the Scrutton Street Warehouse) sadly comes to an end this Friday evening. Their final collaboration of the five-week-long, action-packed mini season sees them teaming up with the no-nonsense Adventures In The Beetroot Field crew for a hectic last hurrah. Following events in league with Border Community, FACT, Trailer Trash and Kompakt, this concluding party should see them go out on a high, with Factory Floor playing live while Optimo’s JD Twitch DJs alongside the dollop residents. A small lineup it might be but seeing as it’s so perfectly formed, we won’t hold their venue choice’s dreary new corporate name against them. It might not be quite over yet, but here’s to dollop and friends bringing back their late-night hook-ups soon.” The Guardian Guide dollop fan page: dollop twitter:
  • Dollop / Aitbf / Factory Floor: Citipost Warehouse 06 - Flyer front
    Dollop / Aitbf / Factory Floor: Citipost Warehouse 06 - Flyer back
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