Lil Brthr with Hanik and Nick Williams

  • Come shake your asses off this month with house freak Hanik and the man from up north Nick Williams! Starting things off at 8pm with a post-punk set by Roman Stange. Then Jason Short will change up the mood a few times between avant minimal and chillout until he starts the engines at 222. From there expect the best techno and house on a tuesday night in San Francisco. All this packed into one lil night at 222 Hyde. Free before 10pm, $5.00 from 10pm to 2am. If you haven't heard Hanik yet, well this is the set to hear. Nick can be found ever sunday night at his Werd party. A party not to be missed. Why drink and dance at home when you can with friends at 222 Hyde!
  • Lil Brthr with Hanik and Nick Williams - Flyer front