Octopus Showcase

  • To find out the exact location: COME TO RAUMPLAYA FESTIVAL This years first OCTOPUS... here some info! Most of the artist will play special sets and the line up is and we got some crazy special back to back sets confirmed. The space will hold interesting sidevents. a little afterhour/morning festival on its own! (Those side events are free, entrance only for the Afterhour Stage!) <b> Octopus Afterhour</b> <b>Sian</b> [Karmarouge/Octopus] <b>Tone Bano</b> [Octopus/Raum] <b>Gabriel Ananda</b> [Karmarouge] <b>Audiofly</b> [Mood/Get Physical] <b>Ripperton</b> [Lazy Fat People/Border Community] <b>Craig Richards</b> [Fabric] <b>Audiojack</b> [Lefroom/UFO] <b>Dapayk</b> LIVE [Mo's Ferry/RRygular] <b>Ryan Crosson aka Berg Nixon</b> [M-nus/Spectral] <b>Funk D'Void</b> [Soma] <b>Calculus</b> [Octopus/Soma/Tishomingo] <b>Axel Bartsch</b> [Kompakt/Sportclub] <b>Herve Ak</b> [Kompakt/Octopus] <b>From Karaoke to Stardom</b> LIVE [Rrygular/Octopus/Apnea/Raum] <b>Ison & Solar</b> [Non] <b>3 Channels</b> LIVE [Channels/Octopus] <b>Karmina </b>[Opossum Mini/Crosstown Rebels] <b>Taras</b> [Octopus/Raum] VJ: <b>Safy Sniper</b> (Berlin) vs. <b>AC3 Monitor</b> (Barcelona) Berlin's most important Club Vj and Barcelonas cutting edge VJ Team on a back to back Visual Work out. <b>Stagedesign:</b> Lamb (Barcelona) Kaliber 7 LED light systems (Frankfurt) <b>Sidehappenings:</b> <b>Video Room</b> <b>Let It Rock</b> (Berlin) A movie analizing the urban udnerground movement and party scene of Berlin-Mitte. (feat. Miss Kittin; Musik by Ellen Allien, Moguai, Westbam and more) <b>The Flame Music Depts</b> Movie about Italy's most unusual Underground promoter. Pictures and Eventscenes in incredible Italian party locations. (feat. Ivan Smagghe, Luciano Esse, Craig Richards and more). <b>Art & Bar</b> <b>Safy Sniper</b> (Berlin - Germany) Berlin's most requested club VJ will make a life sound and Video performance. Cutting up Rock and other music videos. Love it or hate it! You'll enjoy the emotion. Special organic Fruit and Juice catering. <b> Shop </b> <b>Bewol</b> (www.bewol.com - France) The club and label merchandiser from France will be selling special Underground merchandise from the most important electronica labels.
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