Leaves005: Permafrost Edition

  • leaves005 PERMAFROST EDITION - - - Leaves are again up to explore the links and connections of contemporary dance music. Bending genres is our aim. Overcoming stylistic restrictions. Merging Sounds. We like that. Mutual favourite music. - - - FREUND DER FAMILIE already proved their wide approach on how to rock a floor on their own FDF imprint, releasing a great series of what we would coin "dub house". The berlin-based duo will serve a fluent mixture of downbeat tunes, slow-motion dubstep reminiscences and some uplifitng techy stuff... QUARION is actually rising as a dj/producer well-known for his brilliant, deep house styles. He recently delivered some true gems on labels such as DRUMPOET and RETREAT. But tonight he'll show another side, playing his first dubstep set in public. Ever! And the guy can also play real instruments! Whaaa! DON WILLIAMS runs our beloved MOJUBA imprint and its techno-ish sub-label A.R.T.LESS, showing a true, eclectic love for the sounds of the past. Tonight he'll compile us a travel to the good old days of detroit and chicago, so don't forget your jacking shoes, everybody! ELISABETH as our resident home girl will finish the night with her cracking combination of dubbed out techno and futuristic bass music from the isle. She's all about bass lines and a kicking beat. So come early and go late. - - - The Foyer floor will be re-structured by us to fit the needs of the elder and/or chatty ones, we'll bring some cozy things to sit on, while our cuddly WORDANDSOUND daddies MARC WHOSE-LAST-NAME-MUST-NOT-BE-PUBLISHED and PETER will play some of their dusty ambient records and obscure rarities, before BLEED of DE:BUG and the one-and-only GRIZZLY take over with two unbelievable sets of undanceable music. Or so. Come along!
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