Ostgut Ton Label Showcase

  • Warm and Electric minds are proud to present an Ostgut Ton label showcase on Thursday April 21st in what promises to be a very special Easter Thursday event. Ben Klock, Prosumer, and Nick Hoppner will be taking over an amazing space in the heart of Shoreditch for the entire evening. Launched in 2005, from the very beginning Ostgut Ton has – of course – been intimately linked to Berghain and Panorama Bar, and the symbiosis between the club and the label has been central to its output. Berghain and Panorama Bar have left an indelible mark on the work of its residents, acting as both testing ground and launch pad for a body of music that has become one of the most influential strains of house techno to come out of Germany in the last decade. For this very special evening we will be joined by residents from both clubs. In the basement we will be treated to 4 hour sets from Ben Klock and Fiedel. Along with Marcel Dettmann Ben Klock is one of the most recognisable faces of Ostgut Ton, and one of the major figures in modern techno. A resident at Berghain since its opening in 2004, he has left an indelible mark on the club's sound, with his debut album - One - and his contribution to the club's mix series garnering widespread acclaim and earning him a synonymity with techno rivalled by few of his contemporaries. Fiedel began DJing in the mid 90s at Subsersiv, at the time a key venue in Berlin's burgeoning techno scene. Influenced by electro and early hip-hop, he was one of the first DJs to bring those sensibilities to a techno context, coupling them with a passion for serious techno. In 1996 and 1997 he released two EPs with Errorsmith on the MMM label, with their track 'Donna' now considered a techno classic. The second room will feature 4 hour sets from Prosumer and Nick Höppner. Achim Brandenburg AKA Prosumer is one of the foremost advocates of House and Techno working in music today. As labels like Prescription and Relief began to showcase the soulful, deep sound that would come to establish them as among the all-time great imprints, Achim’s interest in the musical heritage of Chicago and Detroit began to grow, and he soon became an regular customer at the Hard Wax store in his home town of Saarbrücken, followed by a stint there as an employee. This laid the groundwork for the classic strain of House and Techno that still permeates his sets today. In his own words, “my heart still beats for the early Chicago-Detroit-Techno sound.” Be it through his monthly residencies at the inimitable Berghain/Panoramabar and Watergate clubs, his solo releases for Ostgut Ton, his expansive DJ touring, his acclaimed co-production and live performances alongside Lee Jones as MyMy, or indeed his creative involvement and management of the Ostgut label since its inception, Nick Hoppner stands out as a unique, long-serving and truly dedicated figure in today's electronic music world. Sensitive to the history, emotions, stories and situations that derive from this music, for Nick the scope and eclecticism available within the 4/4 rhythm allows him great freedom to express his tastes and musical instincts. Joining Ben Klock, Fiedel, Prosumer and Nick Hoppner will be Elif Biçer, who will be performing live vocals over Ben, Nick and Prosumers sets.
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