Kerfuffle New Years Day/ Wiggle After Party

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    Wiggle Messy Boys Kevin Griffiths Matty Craig & Tim " Sequence" Sullard (Dont Sleep Worldwide) Rob Collman (Alien Records Gabor (Rangvalla) Jay Affected Richie Littler Jon Patrick & Residents Liz Edwards & Rochester
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  • Starting as we mean to go wrong, this year’s marathon all-day New Years’ fixture is the don’t miss first date fixture in your new diary that will make taking a nap last year’s thing. We’re also the official Wiggle afterparty, so it’s early doors and bleary eyes all round. The messy Wiggle boys After bringing in the New Year over at Paramount Studios our messy mentors will no doubt be treating us to the kind of off-kilter shenanagins and beat perfect dancefloor action that’s going to make early doors in Brixton a breakfast of champions. Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba) His label is widely regarded as one of the most consistent current names on the underground and is rarely out of the genre top-ten for Beatport downloads. His second single “Cantona Kung Fu” is now licenced to compilations by Steve Bug and Terry Lee Brown Jnr and his collaboration with Oakin, “Journey to Jah EP” was awarded Mixmag’s House Single of the Month. Kevin’s increasing busy DJ schedule is taking him to Fabric in London, Sonar in Barcelona and Zouk in Singapore. Matty Craig & Tim Sullard AKA Sequence (Don’t Sleep Worldwide) From Denver, our Colorado crew have been spinning next to the likes of Doc Martin, and Hipp-e for almost a decade. Their Don’t Sleep Worldwide imprint has been putting out a sucession of slamming tracks by top drawer talent such as Eddie Richards and Dave DK. With an inimitable take on techhouse that takes in everything from dark and gritty to deep and soulful we’re set for a rockie mountain rollercoaster ride. Rob Collman (Alien Recordings) From running his own Alienation parties back in the nineties to spreading the word about quality underground music as far afield as Stereo Studios in Croatia, Rob has been a pillar of tech-house community from the start. His legendary mixes are eagerly sought after by those in the know and his highly eclectic selection never fails to deliver the goods. Jay Pearce (Affected Music) Founder of Affected and label manager at Intergroove, Jay is a regular face on both the party scene and a real mover and shaker behind the business end of quality beats. Richie Littler A growing production talent and repected music technology tutor, Richie is a hard man to prise away from his studio mixing desk. He's back in our fold because he's torn up our floor even more times than we've trashed his flat with our after parties. He's the most left field right hand man a party could wish for. Gabor Nagy (Rangvalla) Nathan Coles’ protégé and Eddie Richards’ driver, Gabor is fast becoming one of the most recognizable faces on the scene. His parties and radio shows in The UK and Romania have seen him play alongside Terry Francis John Patrick A long time purveyor of deep jackin’ grooves, John has been honing his turntable talents alongside the like of Affie Yusef and Nick Dare for some time now. His ability to read the floor has made him a regular at the Bug Bar in Brixton and Club Indigo in Clapham. Not forgetting of course, your mistress and master of ceremonies, residents Liz Edwards & Rochester