Plex - Surgeon A/v, Ancient Methods, Sigha, Millie & Andrea, H.A.T.E Soundsystem, Emptyset

  • Surgeon [Counterblance, Dynamic Tension] - A/V Ancient Methods [Ancient Methods, Hardwax] - Live Sigha [Our Circula Sound, Hotflush] - Live/DJ Millie & Andrea [Daphne] - Live H.A.T.E SOUNDSYSTEM [HATE, Modern Love] - Live Emptyset [CLR, Caravan] Stewart Lowman [Off-Key] Uberdog [] Neurp James Tec [Plex, BRACKOUT] Luke Handsfree [Plex, Handsette] Strepsil [Plex] We are VERY pleased to welcome the techno demi-god that is Surgeon playing a special A/V show as our headliner. He's been one of our favourite DJs for years, someone that has the ability to properly mix it up without losing any pace or momentum on the dancefloor. He plays a bit of anything; the very best techno, through dubstep, ambient, dub and and power electronics and is as versatile a DJ as he is a truly gifted and talented producer. Having released his first record in 1996, Anthony Child has consistently moved forward without reverence for the past and trod an uncompromising path in his journey through the many stylings of music that he has produced over the years. We also have the fearsome twosome of Ancient Methods flying over from Berlin to play live. They have become globally acclaimed since the release of their First Method over 3 years ago (now up to their Fifth Method release) and their live mixes showing exactly why they have been so in-demand. We are truly honoured to be able to say that they will be playing an exclusive live set and their debut performance in London for Plex. The man like Sigha easily steps between the worlds of Dubstep and Techno. Having worked at Blackmarket Records in Soho for many years he has developed a canny ear and a refined musical vision in both his DJ sets and his productions, talents that have seen him remix Commix and Resoe and had his track 'Early Morning Lights' remixed by Marcel Dettmann no less. With the recent launch of Sigha's new label, 'Our Circula Sound' expect to be hearing much more from the Londoner in 2011. Millie & Andrea seemed to appear out of nowhere when they dropped their first release on Daphne back in October 2008. It is in fact a project from two of the UK's most innovative producers Andy Stott and DJ MLZ of Pendle Coven. They have been releasing serious heavyweight records under their individual female aliases and as a duo and have played some mind-blowing sets to boot. We look forward to their extended live/DJ smashdown! H.A.T.E. Soundsystem are a somewhat more elusive crew! A few hand-stamped white labels with no track titles or artist names filled with some of the most incredible post-dubstep junglist hardcore madness dropped a couple of years ago, seemingly written by persons unknown who were there during the 'Jungle Techno' days of yore. Despite the best efforts of many, they remain anonymous but rest assured their peaktime set at Plex is not to be missed! With plaudits coming from across the spectrum, Emptyset are a force to be reckoned with. With their eponymous album appearing in many 'best of...' lists, it's a great pleasure to welcome Emptyset's Paul Purgas to rock the decks. Uberdog's skill on the ones and twos is well known, a great DJ who is able to use his immense ability to mix up Luke Vibert, Kode 9, Bitstream, and Marvin Gaye all in the same mix. He is also the webmaster of the interview-packed, informed and irreverent Promoter, amazing DJ and maniac Stewart Lowman will be doing the business on the night. A long time London techno stalwart with his Off-Key nights and a superb 3 deck DJ, expect choice cuts from his extensive record collection on the night. Neurp has one of the most astonishing collections of deep, heavy acid music in the country. Having heard his "Neurp On Acid" mixes, we knew we had to have him down to shake Corsica's immense rigs! Support comes from your ever reliable Plex residents Luke Handsfree, Strepsil and James Tec who will be playing back to back with Rebel Intelligence's Dask.
  • Plex - Surgeon A/v, Ancient Methods, Sigha, Millie & Andrea, H.A.T.E Soundsystem, Emptyset - Flyer front
    Plex - Surgeon A/v, Ancient Methods, Sigha, Millie & Andrea, H.A.T.E Soundsystem, Emptyset - Flyer back