• Venue
    TBA - Melbourne
    • To Be Announced
  • Date
    Thu, 17 Apr 200310pm - LATE (VENUE LICENCED 24hrs)
  • Attending
  • ̸


    Master Kaos, St. Luke, Karl Brown, LCK, Tim Hughes, C.O.D aka SOT-B, Shifty, Phatt Dusty, Snow, Loota, More to be announced.........
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  • well sinners… “CHAPTER II” date is finally confirmed!! & this time so is the venue, (but were not tellin’ you where just yet!!!) Begin your Easter celebrations with G.O.D “The Gospel Of Dance” Returns on easter Thursday 17th april 2003 As this is a very special time of year sinners, G.O.D is going all out For “CHAPTER II” G.O.D’s mind blowing lasers are booked,this time with an extra special pattern installed!!! The subs will be pumpin’, & G.O.D’s dj’s (spread over two floors!!!) are pullin’ out the classics, For a night of "Blissful Uplifting Trance" & ‘Almost’ forgotten Anthems' The tunes that used to set your heart-a-racin' elegantly mixed with the newest & the best of Tomorrows Uplifting hard trance… I got shivers already!!! After waaaaaaaaaay too long sinners… "THAT FEELING" is BACK!!! Kick start your EASTER weekend with a smile!!! All sinners must have a G.O.D I.D. Number OR be accompanied by a member. SMILES are a MUST. Strict door policy applies!! See www.GospelOfDance.com.au for full details