Simple Pres. Hot City

  • Sat 6 Nov we're joined at the Bully by a relative newcomer; Hot City has taken a dive bomb and is making big waves with what can only be described as a unique blend of 2-step, acid house and rave. Due to their infeasibly low attention spans, and bored of trawling the earth looking for new human producers, the friendly people at RAMP opened their cybernetic research department, to create new and exciting robotic producers. First, ...they made a rave robot, which predictably they grew bored of. They then went onto make a 2step robot, which again, they grew bored of. Upon realising that cybernetics and robotics was no the way to feed the void boredom created, they discarded their robots in the ditch behind the office. The two robots began talking, and quickly sparked up a friendship. One night after drowning their sorrows with many Peach Daiquiri’s, the two robots fell into each other’s arms and had hot drunken robot sex, and 2step robot fell pregnant. Nine months later, there was a tap on the RAMP Recordings back door, followed by the patter of robot feet running away. Upon opening the door, they saw a basket, containing a robot child and a note, which read: How's My Raving? Hot City, an incredible artist who is looking back to look forward with those old school jackin’ riddims and b-lines Fabric, London Hot City’s ‘Yeah’ on Highpoint Lowlife was one of the best breakthrough singles we’d heard in ages. FACT Magazine One of the most talked about names on the dance scene right now Hot City's recent mix for Mary Anne Hobbs left radios fried across the land Clash Magazine ----------- HOT CITY Em Williams James Weston Mush Get Your Geek On ----------- More upcoming events: Fri 26 Nov 2010 BOY 8-BIT at Fuse with Lee Mortimer at the O2 Academy, Oxford Sat 4 Dec 2010 EROL ALKAN at Simple at the Bully, Oxford Love, Simple x
  • Simple Pres. Hot City - Flyer front