Smoke Machine presents Light Church

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    TIGER @llen A-Tao Yuho Straightliner
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  • SMOKE MACHINE PRESENTS ORGANIK 007 Godfathers In The Church. Dj Tiger-There's no need for us to draw more upon the success of Dj Tiger, for it'd be no more than an underestimation of anticipation from his followers. Dj @llen- as the pioneer of Taiwan's party culture, he has changed the way of how people enjoy their night-lives, and always brings his crowd into a state of rapture. Smoke Machine continuously works on the concept of a 'technological church,' introduces new sounds from the future, presents a novel and splendid visual experience. While the church bell rings, we flee into the church from all places to witness the happening of a legend-we wish to be guided by those futuristic sounds and believes. "On November 13th-I give up on the reality, and become the follower of the Godfathers." Pre-sale Tickets | NT600 Door | NT800 Species Record | 2F., No.20, Lane 96, Kunming St., Wanhua District, Taipei City 02-2375-5518 SMOKE MACHINE¦ SLAVE TO TECHNO SMOKE MACHINE BLOG VENUE : PIPE No.1, Siyuan St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City [MRT Gongguan]
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