Smoke Machine Night

  • SMOKE MACHINE PRESENTS ORGANIK 006 [+] Level ONE Squirt Bar [+] Level TWO Warehouse Berlin A-Tao's BIRTHDAY BASH! diskonnected Soundsquash [+] MUSIC | TECHNO Level THREE Labyrinth [+] Level FOUR Taipei Contemporary Art Center 2010 Forum Biennial of Taiwanese Contemporary Art [+] Level FIVE Rooftop Ruin Vienna Al Burro KENNETH.C DAN DAN MUSIC | TECHNO HOUSE The Ruin Academy is an experimental platform for knowledge building on the way towards the Third Generation City - the ruin of the industrial city. The Academy is more like a Pub than a University or like a public sauna in Finland, where everybody is stripped naked from the President to the Police. [+] VENUE Taipei Contemporary Art Center 160-6, Yanping S. Road, 10042 Taipei, Taiwan [+] TICKET Pre-sale Tickets | NT200 Door | NT250 Species Record | 2F., No.20, Lane 96, Kunming St., Wanhua District, Taipei City 02-2375-5518
  • Smoke Machine Night - Flyer front