Club Sessions feat Legohead

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    Ming D, Raptor, LEGOHEAD - live/dj (Tribeadelic, Greenant), LOCRIAN - live, and introducing FEMA - Hellrazor into the psytrance scene.
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  • YakandYeti present the next installment of Club Sessions -Featuring LEGOHEAD (Tribeadelic, Greenant). Venue Details: 33 Oxford Street, Sydney (old dcm venue). This venue has a massive capacity (LOTS OF ROOM TO MOVE!) and has a fully renovated sound and lighting system! Its under new management so is doofer friendly :) <b>Legohead - lively!</b> Legohead aka Alistair Craig has been producing high quality, power-packed psytrance for the last 4 years in Melbourne and recently released his music on the well-known Australian label - Greenant and has a forth coming album on Tribeadelic Records. Alistair also has a side project 'The Farside' with well respected DJ Steve Barr and Melbourne's DJ Psyclone. Their unqiue sound is fresh and very psychedelic, with tight basslines and the cleanest production. Legohead has played live on the main-floor of this years Rainbow Serpent Festival and appeared at The Outback Eclipse Festival and is touring Europe this year. This is his first Sydney performance and he is set to lay down a brilliant and explosive semi-live/dj set for the Club Sessions crowd and is a set not to be missed! Locrian - 100% live Sydney's newest live psytrance act made up of DJ's Stark and Doofpix's very own Surreal will be performing a very special and fully live psychedelic trance set for this edition of Club Sessions. Their music is unique and innovative using a variety of different influences that are not strictly psytrance and is putting Sydney on the psychedelic map. DJ's Ming D, Raptor, and introducing - DJ Arcana (Fema - Hellrazor) to the psytrance scene. Arcana has been at it for close to 10 years playing hard edged electronic music and psytrance to the industrial scene and will be guest dj laying down the freshest psytrance tracks for this Club Sessions event. As per usual, full scale production by YakandYeti and Pan-O-Vision will be in place to ensure a great night is had by all ! Supported by BPM Records