Tenth Planet: Msf Aka Donnacha Costello

  • Tenth presents the Irish debut of Donnacha Costello’s harder alter ego Moving Sonic Form, With Corrugated Tunnel debuting a LIVE ALBUM performance to launch his newest album ‘Minor Obsessions’ in Dublin’s newest venue The Grand Social... There’s a beautiful home for music created upstairs with a roofed beer garden attached. There’s a great new club system in place. Not to mention plenty of drinks deals. It promises to be a great night of homegrown electronica to kick start Tenth Planet at the venue... Moving Sonic Form... Donnacha clearly remains Donnacha; don’t let the name change fool you, his M.O. is mostly the same. This is Donnacha, except harder...retaining the ‘individual, melancholic, beautiful and the timeless’ .There can be no question that Costello is in electronic music for the long haul. Since his production debut in 1996, he has forged his very own brand of emotional and highly refined electronic music; timeless club music which has consistently found its way into the crates and playlists of house and techno’s biggest DJs. Plenty of artists reinvent themselves, but few do it with such obvious intent as Donnacha Costello. From his earlier releases on D1. To The Colour Series, to his more recent closing and re-opening of Minimise ....To his new 'Look Long' platform. Here’s an artist who’s carved his own path. Now, with the arrival of MSF, we have yet another iteration of Costello. A just released Electric Deluxe podcast helps chart the influences on his new moniker: Techno new (Pfirter, Traversable Wormhole) and old (G-Man, V-Room). But, as always, with more than enough melody to make those sharp edges dull enough to grab hold of comfortably. Links: Donnacha’s Moving Sonic Form Podcast: http://www.electricdeluxe.net/episode-025/ Moving Sonic Form Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/movingsonicform Corrugated Tunnel LIVE with LMD64 / Antoinette + Deborah Kay// ‘Minor Obsessions’. Album Launch We welcome Corrugated Tunnel back for a LIVE performance to launch his latest opus ‘Minor Obsessions’. Complete with the guest vocalists in toe for what promises to be a night to remember. “Over the past five years, James has put out melodic techno records on labels like Plastica, Night Vision and Urban Torque. Minor Obsessions will be his third full-length, following I Am Corrugated from 2008. Like much of James' work to date, the album presents a melodic and emotionally tinged style of techno, with nods to Italo disco and classic house.” -‘Minor Obsessions’- out now on Process Records http://www.process-recordings.com/ http://www.corrugatedtunnel.com/ Corrugated Tunnel Podcast http://soundcloud.com/edwinjames/corrugated-tunnel-podcast-podcast-15-bbcatl-sept-2010
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