Sonar 2007 by Day - Saturday

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    LIVE & DJs Junior Boys [Domino, Canada] Mira Calix [UK] Various Production [XL, UK] Hey Willpower [UK] Planningtorock [UK] Wolf Eyes [US] KTL [US] Khan Of Finland (Fi) Fiblanda [Spain] Older [Spain] Siberian Fieldworks [Spain] SHOWCASES Onandon Records & French Music Export Office C2c [Fr] Hocus Pocus [Fr] Modern Love & Evnts Miles [UK] Claro Intelecto [UK] Andy Stott [UK] Rush Hour Records presenta Beat Dimensions Hearin’ Aid [Zambia/Sweden] Jay Scarlett & Cinnaman [UK/Nigeria]
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      General Special Pass (3 Days + 2 Nights Ticket) + Opening Night Concert’s Ticket (Thurs 14th): 170€, General Pass (3 Days + 2 Nights Ticket): 140€, Sónar by Day Ticket: 28€ 1 Day Ticket Sonarama: 6€ Opening Night Ticket: 48�
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