Plex 4th Birthday - Beverly Hills 808303, Mike Huckaby, I-F, Al Tourettes

  • After mucking about on the river in August with the first Plex boat party, we return with yet another astonishing line-up for our 4th (4th!!!) birthday! As it's a special occasion we thought we'd go the extra mile and pull together a line-up which includes two internationally renowned DJs who are unmatched in their fields, I-F and Mike Huckaby. I-F will be flying in from Den Haag to play a very special and UK exclusive Beverly Hills 808303 set showcasing his groundbreaking and influential dirty acid sound, as well as a straight-up party electro set earlier on. The Beverly Hills 808303 project was created in the mid 90s and drew its musical drive exclusively from those ground breaking Roland boxes. With releases on the seminal Acid Planet label as well as Drop Bass Network and Reference Analogue Audio, expect a very hectic acid driven workout from Ferenc at peak time in the main room. Complimenting I-F's dirty acid rinse out will be an amazing live and improvised hardware set from Headcleaner; we heard him play last August and were so impressed with his home-made modular synthesizer jams that we knew we had to put him on. His set will be mind-blowing! Al Tourettes has been on a roll recently, giving Ableton showcases with the mighty Surgeon, remixing Planetary Assault Systems for Ostgut Ton and releasing the landmark 12" 'When I Rest I Rust / The Next Meal' which Resident Advisor called 'dance floor gold' in their recent review. He will be playing a full live laptop and MPC set which has to be seen to be believed. One of Detroit's best DJs (and that's saying something when you look at the competition!) Mike Huckaby will be giving a masterclass in deep house and techno in Room 2. One of those rare producers whose tracks are buy-on-sight, his releases on Harmonie Park and Deep Transportation are further evidence of his unique insight into house music. It's a real pleasure to have Detroit back in the house at Plex and we're looking forward to hearing an extended set from Mike on the night. The tothebone crew will be the hosts in Room 2 and for years they have been leading the way in London and beyond for their own particular style of house, acid, techno and whatever else they feel like digging out of their record boxes. Dave, Charlie & Rik are usually very busy boys so we're really chuffed to be giving them a large chunk of time to do their thing at our 4th birthday shindig, who knows what will happen but rest assured it will be quality of the highest order. The internationally renowned Placid will also be dropping in from Bristol and pushing Corsica's Room 2 rig to the limit with his skill behind the decks and incredible record collection. He's been on our list for a very long time so it's a pleasure to finally welcome him down to smash up the place! The multi-talented illustrator, video artist, DJ and label owner Konx-Om-Pax will be playing a set of pure heaviness. He's been garnering some major attention recently for the deft and intriguing Display Copy mixes and the visual work he's been doing with Optimo, Hudson Mohawke and DFA. His debut 12" release on his own label Display Copy is out now so check it out. One of the standout breakthrough producers of recent times is Ryan West aka Rival Consoles who will be playing live. His last album IO was a thing of melancholic beauty while not losing its dancefloor drive; NME called it 'a party record even snobs can enjoy'. As a founder member of the seminal delta-9 collective, DJ Aled Jones knows a thing or two about making a party go off. A master of the turntables with a track selection guaranteed to intrigue and delight, Aled will be making the trip from Nottingham for a rare performance of his unique take on the gamut of electronic music. As ever your hosts for the evening the indomitable Plex Residents will be playing some jams in-between running around like men possessed making sure everyone is having a tip-top evening. See you at the front left speaker!
  • Plex 4th Birthday - Beverly Hills 808303, Mike Huckaby, I-F, Al Tourettes - Flyer front
    Plex 4th Birthday - Beverly Hills 808303, Mike Huckaby, I-F, Al Tourettes - Flyer back