Luna Land Berlin

  • The legendary Spreepark Berlin will open its doors for the first time in almost a decade next weekend! Surrounded by mystery, haunted by public scandals and family tragedies, there is no other venue in Berlin as coveted or engaging as this marvellous abandoned amusement park. Exclusively and for one weekend only, an intriguing line-up of techno, house and disco will finally break the silence! With music delight on 3 stages during the day, while at night the party comes inside to the former storehouse. For those of us who've only looked (or climbed) over the fence before, or gazed up from the river, this is our chance to explore, play and chill in this surreal wonderland... Bringing the park back to life alongside the DJs and live acts will be art performances, bunnies to accompany you on your journey through the rabbit hole, clowns, jugglers and an obscene amount of glitter. Delicious food and amusement park classics like wurst, cotton candy and waffles will sweeten the days and keep you going, while different areas in the park will be curated and transformed into a diverse selection of unique and cozy settings to be discovered by day and night. Tickets are available at the door. For reduced admission please check from August 23rd.
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      20 for weekend pass and 16 with ticket reservation
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