Twaddle presents 'The Masters Of House' Part 1: Dj Sneak, Dop

  • After 4 years of throwing some of the most intimate and fun-filled parties you could ever hope to attend, tWaDdLe returns to make waves not just in Leeds, but all over the U.K. by introducing, "The Masters of House" Part 1. From humble beginnings in a tiny basement of a Headingley Cafe with founders Brother Bull and Christan Maiden, tWaDdLe made a habit of presenting some of the most exciting up-and-coming acts in the underground house and techno scene. Audio Werner, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, Wbeeza, Lauhaus Chris Duckenfield, Martinez, Ekkohaus, Matt Tolfrey these are just a few of the rising stars hand-picked by tWaDdLe and brought exclusively to Leeds, before presenting the one and only Dj Sneak for the first time in nearly half a decade. While a range of highly established and little-known acts have appeared behind the decks, the night's truly unique party atmosphere has remained constant, making a lasting impression on all who stepped onto a tWaDdLe dance floor. So for the next episode... "The Masters Of House". With fewer parties, bigger lineups, but the same raucous atmosphere, a new adventure begins. Combining legendary established Djs with fresh, innovative underground artists, a second room presenting an alternative funk laden soundtrack to your evening, we're set to throw some of the best damn shindigs in the North. At our new venue The Loft, we proudly present, The return of the House Gangster, DJ Sneak, and the the critically acclaimed Parisian trio dOP (live) on an exclusive World album tour, with their only other stop in the U.K. being the mighty Fabric in London. This powerful lineup shows tWaDdLe's exciting intentions to showcase the true heroes of House music, whilst at the same time, never forgetting where we've come from. This is only the beginning. Come marvel at the tWaDdLe Masters. tWaDdLe presents, "The Masters of House" Pt One October 15th @ The Loft (formally Northern Light). DJ SNEAK (X-Mix Productions / Chicago) dOP-live (Circus Company -World album tour) With support from, Christian Maiden Brother Bull, Skipper, and Neil McDermott Room 2: James Barnsley and Despo playing everything from the lighter side of Cosmic Disco, Funk and Hip Hop. 150 Early bird £10 150 Second Release £12 General Admission £15 MOTD 10.00pm - 6.00am This Part 1 of a 3 Part Series. DJ SNEAK In 1983, Carlos Sosa AKA DJ Sneak, moved to the city of Chicago from the island of Puerto Rico, where his early musical experiences and influences were rooted in salsa, meringue and Latin orchestras. Chicago, like Puerto Rico, is a city rich with musical styles and sounds. In Chicago, Sneak found inspiration in underground house music, Warehouse parties and "old school" mix tapes from the early pioneers - Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphi Rosario, Steve Hurley and local radio station shows played on WBMX. Sneak earned his nickname rocking graffiti-tags and began working at retail stores as an airbrush artist, which kept him out of trouble and allowed him to make important local industry contacts. Development as a DJ came while working regular mobile DJ jobs and local nightclubs. But, in an already saturated DJ pool, Sneak focused on his music production and started his independent label - Defiant Records. In 1992, using the fundamental studio pieces, Sneak began recording tracks with an unusual new style. In 1994, while still working at local store Gramophone Records, Sneak met Cajmere (Green Velvet) owner of Cajual and Relief Records. Cajmere released three of Sneak's catalyst tracks, which helped to bring Sneak international recognition, and with it, a global DJing career. In 1995, Sneak's new sound revolutionized house music with inspirational sounds and rhythms never heard. The disco filtered house grooves became Sneak's signature sound. Innovator to many, Sneak's love for music inspired others like Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Armand Van Helden. In 1996, DJ Sneak's 'You Can't Hide from your Bud', on Derrick Carter's Classic Recordings, ironically became an instant classic itself; a blueprint for funky, filtered disco-influenced house – AKA Sneak Style – redefining Chicago's underground music. From 1996 to present day, DJ Sneak has perfected his remix skills, seizing opportunities to work with world-class talent and fine-tune his sound. His highly anticipated remixes take dance floors around the world to levels of climactic frenzy with his trademark booty-shakin, bass-heavy beats and rhythms. After years of development, DJ Sneak is a familiar name across the world's club circuit playing the very best venues and events. A frequent visitor to Ibiza - the island of spiritual parties and Mecca of dance music culture, Sneak has participated in several events with the best UK production companies - Ministry of Sound, Cream, Manumission, and Miss Moneypenny's to mention a few. A favorite at United Kingdom's summer festivals (Creamfields, T in the Park), Sneak shows no mercy on the sound systems and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Recognized as the disco filter innovator, his productions and musical style has maintained his status as one of the Top 100 DJs in the world. Dynamic in style - from furious banging Chicago tracks and Latin tribal beats, to disco filtered reworks of retro classics and melodic rhythms to suit your soul. In fall 2001 Sneak launched a new record label Magnetic Recordings, where he has been releasing new music (including Sneak’s 2003’s booty shakin’ top 20 uk hit ‘Fix My’ Sink’ and subsequent album ‘Housekeepin’), with compilations to come, along with the introduction of new musical talents. He continues to contribute to the evolution and definitive sound that is Chicago House Music. The future brings light to DJ Sneak's journey, focusing on the development of electronic music's revolution and ongoing struggle to be acknowledged as the sound of tomorrow. In 2005 Sneak was enlisted to mix the first installment of the acclaimed ‘House Of Om’ series on Om Records. Ministry of Sound came calling in 2006 to have Sneak mix a double CD for their ‘Sessions’ series as well as hosting Sneak’s quarterly ‘Sneak Beats’ residency at their flagship club in London. 2007 saw Sneak contribute to the production of Todd Terry’s ‘Get Down.’ Showing no signs of slowing down, Sneak released multiple EPs in 2008 (‘Bounce Back EP,’ ‘House Beaters Volume 1,’ ‘Doing it in the Frisco EP,’ and ‘Big Man’s Love EP’) and his latest full length compilation on NRK Music, ‘Back In The Box. dOP The Parisian trio of Clément , Dam, and Jaw—have been on a tear since they burst upon the scene three years ago, riling dance floors with their strange, sexy, infectious brand of irreverently soulful house, and leaving writers scratching their heads at the same. Resident Advisor's Todd Burns came closest to getting it right when he credited them with "trying to reenergise house music with horns, roses, vodka and a whole lot of vocals." Greatest Hits does all that and more. The title is deliberately misleading: aside from the opening track, reprised from their first EP, this is all new material, and it's a deeper, more deviant dOP than you've ever heard before. The three musicians aren't just great showmen—something their drunken live sets amply prove—but also real musicians before discovering house music, they played rock, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, classical, and African music, and they bring that wealth of knowledge to bear in their quest to turn dance music inside out. So while the record has plenty of slinky funk and dirty grind, it also explores far more diverse moods and grooves, from hot jazz to autumnal, orchestral folk. Some of the richness of Greatest Hits can be credited to Emmanuel d'Orlando, a French composer and arranger known for his work in theatre, soundtracks, and with artists like Sebastian Tellier. His arrangements, performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, lend much of the album the darkly cinematic feel of a Sofia Coppola film. Down in their basement studio, the three musicians used virtually every instrument they own—horns, pianino, Chinese flute, harmonica, melodica, cajon, gongs, cuica, analog synthesizers, acoustic drum kit—and many of their friends stopped by to contribute. The acclaimed Calypso drummer Andy Narell plays steelpan drums. Their childhood friend and former bandmate Raphaël Gaiotti plays trumpet; Damien Dassaradanayadou plays street arp, a homemade guitar of his own design; Aquarius Caloni (Aquarius Heaven) lends guest vocals. Parisian minimal techno producer Seuil mans the computer on one track, and Guillaume Coutu Dumont sits in on balafon. (Elements from the same sessions that became "Assurance Vie" turn up in a radically different form on Guillaume's own Breaking the Fourth Wall.) Within the core trio, there's a loose division of labor. Dam, on sax and keyboards, brings much of the melodic and harmonic dimension to the music; Clément tackles the rhythmic aspect and also handles most of the computer arrangements. Jaw, meanwhile, is dOP's distinctive voice. His lyrics are a surrealistic scrapbook of sex, death, drugs, despair, sex, cannibalism, God, love, cities, and sex; purring and wailing, he comes across like Baudelaire on the prow of a pirate ship—a knife in his teeth, a bottle in his hand, and a bulging baggie of lord-knows-what in his breast pocket. A tragic dandy, loveable tramp, his own worst enemy—Jaw's impassioned persona is the perfect foil for the group's deeply thought-out music. Across 14 tracks, the album ranges from the uneasy ethnography of "Worm Hunting" to the brooding piano house of "No More Daddy." There's acoustic crunk ("1 gram"), jacking swing jazz ("Talk Show"), ambient blues ("Happ Meal"), amalevolent lullaby ("Lacy Lad"), apocalyptic funk ("Love Ride"). There's straight-up, deeply soulful tech-house with acoustic flourishes ("New York," "3 Suitcases"). And "Final Dive," with its orchestra and AutoTune, might be the most heartbreaking song you'll hear all year. dOP's eccentric take on house music demands to be played in clubs—just as clubs desperately could do with more music like dOP's—the album will appear as three separate 12-inch singles, accompanied by remixes from Herbert, Âme, and DJ Koze; it will also be released digitally and on CD, with cover art from their friends Tom & Léo and Myqua, who have collaborated with the band since the beginning but this is definitely not just club music. dOP's Greatest Hits has one foot in Panorama Bar and the other in a boarded-up cabaret. It's the night before and the hair of the dog; it's a tear-stained love letter and a booty call by SMS. More than anything, it's a snapshot of the dizziest years of these talented miscreants' lives, festooned with horns, roses, vodka, and a whole lot of soul.
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