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  • zweiter anlauf finn johannsen / macro, berlin und noch dabei hugo capablanca / gomma, disco capablanca, berlin marvin / tell you taxidriver, münchen ...tobola, riegler, schmelz >>Finn Johannsen Head of Marco Recordings alongside Stefan Goldmann, he started collecting records since he was a kid, with a focus on anything danceable from Disco, Soul, Post Punk, to Synth Pop and all points in between. He spent his formative years dancing in some legendary clubs in Hamburg and started out as a DJ in the 80’s on the Rare Soul circuit, and later fell in love with House and and the styles that followed suit. He has gained a high profile with his writings for De:bug magazine and Resident Advisor and a whole lot of other print and web media publications (and there are rumors that he is affiliated with the mysterious D*ruffalo blog). Hugo Capablanca, Discos Capablanca Berlin’s international identity as the birthplace of techno has invited a slew of DJs to uproot themselves and find a home in our electronic Hauptstadt. With over 200 clubs strewn throughout the city, getting behind the booth at one of Berlin’s famed haunts is dream for many that rarely comes true. In walks Spaniard Hugo Capablanca—in lightening speed (we’re talking no more than two years) he was spinning at some of the city’s iconic clubs with countless residencies and a loyal following. Mixing alongside taste-makers including Justice, Headman, Klaxons, WhoMadeWho and countless others, Capablanca came to Berlin in search of an “open minded, sexy, experimental metropolis.” He certainly found what he was looking for, establishing a dynamic relationship with the city: “This city fuels my persona and I fuel the city.” Capablanca’s label, Discos Capablanca, fuses Chicago house, psychedelic sounds, tropicalia, disco and whatever else inspires the 29-year old DJ. Listen to the sounds of Capablanca’s scratching as he expounds on his favorite spots around the city. Read more: + marvin / tell you taxidriver, munich bernhard tobola simon riegler armin schmelz