Marc Romboy (Ger) & The Aston Shuffle

  • Saturday 4th September at Chinese Laundry is lifting things up and beyond legendary status with double bill MARC ROMBOY (GER) and THE ASTON SHUFFLE! Bringing a certain Break Dance appeal to Electronic Music, reminiscent of old school Chicago dance floor insanity, is 15 year musica electronica veteran, MARC ROMBOY! Inspired by Kraftwerk at the age of ten, MARC ROMBOY has managed to never tire when coming up with fresh and innovative ideas and continues to push the limits of electronic sounds globally! Having co-founded and built internationally respected dance-music labels and projects, the MARC ROMBOY credo is summed up by one simple statement: ““Basically I love to DJ all over the globe because I like the way that everybody understands and lives the same language, the universal language of Techno or House Music.” Able to get you moving and shuffling from the outer reaches of space are the punters’ pied piper, princesses of progression, THE ASTON SHUFFLE! They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, remorse or fear. They absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are all dancing! Featuring on some of the world’s biggest dance compilations such as The Ministry of Sound Annuals, Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide, Good Vibrations 2008, Anything Goes, and Nu Disco, THE ASTON SHUFFLE will twist you into all kinds of positions, but they love to be on top! Saturday “marcs” the time to “shuffle”!
  • Marc Romboy (Ger) & The Aston Shuffle - Flyer front