Fabric: The Nothing Special

  • Venue
    • 77a Charterhouse St; Clerkenwell; London EC1M 6HJ; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 4 Sep 201011.00pm - 8.00am
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 47
  • Once every so often on a Saturday night Craig Richards – our artist, resident and musical tastemaker - presents The Nothing Special; inviting some of the finest live acts on the planet to play alongside him on our notorious Room One soundsystem. Richards not only presents innovative live acts in the right way and in the right setting with care, but he also showcases the diversity of his record collection and his hunger for new and exciting sounds. As the night progresses each artist is introduced with a perfectly tailored soundtrack as he works the soundsystem like only he can, flipping from abstract dub through deep house and techno to the future... In a recent interview with Resident Advisor Richards said: ''We've put on some pretty spacey, sparse stuff in the middle of the night , there are always some doubts as to how things will work but I think it’s important that we continue to take risks. The soundsystem always makes it believable." The nights vary in scope, sound and attitude with Richards always supplying the common link. A DJ who’s artistic and instinctive nature creates an approach to experimentation that is second to none; his style is always different and exciting. A decade into his incredibly influential residency here, he still manages to define then redefine his sound by taking risks with an amazing understanding of the dancefloor, always finding a groove which is unmistakably his own. "My idea was based on a collaboration with live music. By changing the mood throughout the evening we can cover an immense amount of ground, musically. Between the acts I re-adjust the sound always making it right for the next act, correcting tempo and feel so that the way is paved and the platform is correct. Some of the acts have a particular sound which needs to be introduced gently. On occasion we demand a lot of the listener and the room may drift from the normal club experience but this is where the magic lies. I am particularly proud of the night and it is my honour to present some of my favourite artists.” – Craig Richards With previous performances from people like Convextion, The Moritz von Oswald Trio, Shackleton, Tikiman, Pole, T+++, Deadbeat and The Emperor Machine, The Nothing Special continues to push the confines of a club night, veering consciously into the divine headspace of experimentation. Staying true to that mantra September’s edition invites the mysterious and notoriously press shy Dopplereffekt, Literon and Arne Weinberg to perform live. "Dopplereffekt is the very finest in Detroit electro, a true master in evidence. Operating as Arpanet, Henrich Muller, Der Zyklus and as one half of Drexciya with James Stinson (RIP), he’s achieved enormous respect within the techno and electro community. The Dutchman Literon has also been making quality music for years under many guises - some will also know him as Gerd and more recently the abstract disco of The Amplified Orchestra - on this occasion the ultra heavy dub techno of Literon promises to turn fabric upside down alongside Arne Weinberg - a south German residing in Scotland who makes beautifully deep electronic techno, from beatless masterpieces to building string laden techno.” – Craig Richards
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