The Thing

  • The Thing Returns, and this time it's Lime Green Helping find The Thing alongside resident DJ MYSTiC ROCK, our guest this time around is Nathan Gregory Wilkins. And no, they didn't ask us back because we asked him to DJ, we asked him to DJ because his slightly mental HISTORY CLOCK label and it's series of proggy disco re-edits is bathed in the light of The Thing. Expect 100 percent solid Not Madonna. The Thing is a new discotheque where the music policy is not determined by Genre, but by THING-NESS. THING-NESS might be Krautrock, Psychedelia, Electronic Disco, Freaked Out Funk, House Music or Dirty Ass Rock n' Roll. It might not. THING-NESS is heavy on The 3 R's: REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION. We call it 'HYPNO'. THING-NESS is often experienced with closed eyes, although playfulness on the dancefloor is easier with them wide open, ditto the mind. THING-NESS makes you wiggle, and giggle, and go "CUCKOO!" Here are a couple of mixes to get you in the mood: AND: It's FREE in from 23 o clock til 4 am
  • The Thing - Flyer front