Critical Mass After Party

  • Critical Mass is a monthly urban bike ride that takes place in over 300 cities around the world. It began in San Francisco and now stretches all the way down under to Hobart, Tasmania (we have the pictures to prove it) and nearly all points in between. With Detroit getting more and more props as having the potential to become a bicycle utopia, going around town on two non-motorized wheels is becoming the standard not the exception. And about time, we say. Why not get together with like-minded fellow travelers and meet up at 5:30 p.m. this Friday (July 30) at downtown's Grand Circus Park for a critical cruise? The effort is confrontational in that it supports a cultural shift in bringing awareness to bikes and pedestrians taking the street back from automobiles. Where better to make that message known than the erstwhile Motor City? C'mon now, people. The more bikes the better. Just be smart and careful out there. Afterward, head over to the spiffy New Center Park, 2998 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, for an after-party featuring live performances by Innerphonic, Lord Scrummage and DJ Drew Pompa.
  • Critical Mass After Party - Flyer front