The Movement

  • Venue
    • 74 Hai Bà Trưng, Bến Nghé, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Date
    Sat, 7 Aug 20109.00pm - late
  • Promoter
    The Beats Saigon
  • Attending
    • 1
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    6789 (Live Band), AKAT (Live Band), JASE, MIC MAC, FUGU, DJ KNAPPE, WRITHER (Live Experimental Set)
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  • THE MOVEMENT 2 ROOMS of SOUND A PARTY REPRESENTING THE UNDERGROUND SOUND OF SAIGON, WITH LIVE REGGAE FUNK AND INDIE ROCK BANDS, EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC PRODUCERS AND DJS PLAYING BASS ORIENTED MUSIC. WITH 2 ROOMS OF DIFFERENT STYLES OF MUSIC Main Room: Live Bands 6789 (4 Piece Live Band): 6789 is Saigon’s up and coming Reggae, Ska and Funk band which is rare genres by Vietnamese standard. Having sercured their residency at YOKO Bar every wednesday, 6789 is steadily gaining their local followers. They are considered to be the first modern Vietnamese Funk, Reggae band. AKAT (3 Piece Live Band) AKAT’s musically influenced by The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, The Ramones, CBS etc Formed in 2008, AKAT describe their sound as “Punk, Grunge and Psychedelic Rock”. The trio also organise a live performance night called “Wasted Youth of The Nation”. Blue Room: BASS REPUBLIC BASS REPUBLIC is Vietnam’s first monthly ELECTRO | DUBSTEP | DRUM AND BASS event. Our aim is to bring the sub sonic sound of Bass heavy music into Vietnam’s dance scene. This month we are collaborating with the French sound crew Jetlag, as well as introducing a young local NOISE | EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC producer WRITHER. JASE (The Beats Saigon) MIC MAC (Jetlag) FUGU (Jetlag) DJ KNAPPE (The Beats Saigon) WRITHER (LIVE EXPERIMENTAL SET) FOR MORE INFO CONTACT US AT [email protected] THE MOVEMENT 2 dancefloor v?i âm nh?c khác nhau. The Movement là m?t party v?i nh?ng di?u nh?c Underground c?a Saigon. V?i Dancefloor Chính có s? tham gia c?a nh?ng band nh?c Reggae, Funk và band nh?c Rock. Dancefloor Blue Room có s? tham gia t? các DJs Pháp và Vi?t Nam v?i th? lo?i nh?c ELECTRO, DUBSTEP và DRUM & BASS. Main Room: (Nh?c S?ng) Ban Nh?c "6789": 6789 là ban nh?c Reggae và Funk d?u tiên t?i Saigon, dây là nh?ng th? l?ai nh?c còn hi?m có t?i nu?c ta. 6789 thu?ng xu?t hi?n t?i quán cà phê YOKO vào nh?ng dêm th? Tu và h? dã b?t d?u có nhi?u fan hâm m?. Ban Nhac "AKAT": AKAT's du?c ?nh hu?ng b?i các ban nh?c Punk nhu The Velvet Underground, The Pixies, The Ramones, CBS... Nhóc thành l?p vào nam 2008, và có âm thanh nhu "Punk, Grunge và Psychedelic Rock". Blue Room: (BASS REPUBLIC) BSS REPUBLIC là m?t party hàng tháng d?u tiên t?i Vi?t Nam ch? có DJs ch?nh các dòng nh?c v?i Bass cuc k? m?nh m? nhu ELECTRO, DUBSTEP và DRUM & BASS. Tháng này Bass Republic s? có s? g?p m?t c?a:
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