Greater>than Launch with Mendo & Crazy Larry

  • GREATER>THAN NYC Presents Its Official Launch Party Greater>Than is a New York City based association designed for everyone. Its for the lovers, the dancers, the soul seekers, music connoisseurs and anyone looking to simply enjoy the party. Our focus is on creating the best atmosphere by fusing together the most sought-after artists with a crowd that can vibe. These elements combine to electrify and create a setting for social progress. Plain and simple, we want to produce a good party. Somewhere you can go to have a good time and take your mind off of everything else. Our commitment is to bringing the most innovative and influential underground talent from across the globe into your backyard. The passion and devotion we have for this music is the basis of our efforts and will clearly transcend through these events. We aspire to connect and share our vision with you soon... About the DJs: MENDO Born in Geneva in 1976 and of Spanish origin, David Mendo started his dj career at the age of 15. Strongly inspired by his Iberican culture, his musical style was immediately noticed in his sets. When world famous Dj/producer George Morel approached him, Mendo signed with his Miami-based label Groove On for titles such as Do it and Everybody I got him. Morel and Mendo soon became associates in production as well as the label. Beginning 2002, his single Tell me (Groove On, Audio Recordings) featuring Christie K., reaches a No. 1 position in Dj Mags Hype-chart (UK), as well as in Radio Italia Networks Suburbia Chart. He then signed 3 releases on Stereo Productions, including the club anthem "Watermelon", a Stereo Productions"s all-time best-seller. In 2003, Mendo and Chab begin their project "Clarisse records" and produce the single "Play Me With Your Sound" with remixe by Chus & Ceballos, receiving full support all through the industry. This resulted into the track being purchased by Roger Sanchez to be released under his label Stealth Records. Since then, Mendo is releasing regularly on his own Clarisse Records, with collaborations/remixes with Tom Stephan, Kamisshake, Richie Santana... etc In 2008, Mendo is working closer to Chab again, together they started their new project "The Club Science" for common productions & dj sets, their first common work being supported from tops djs like Roger Sanchez, David Guetta, Pete Tong & Satoshi Tomiie amongst many others. In 2009, Mendo made the "Remember EP" on Cadenza Records. A highly expected release by many DJs for a while now. SUPPORTED BY LUCIANO, REBOOT, LOCO DICE, TOBI NEUMANN and many others... CRAZY LARRY Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Crazy Larry is a young and fearless talent with an insatiable craving for old and new sounds, who starts as he means to go on. Having fallen in love with dance music in 2000 via the Casa Del Soul record store and a deeply held love of wax, Larry developed his infamous live PA in January of 2006, which debuted in NYC for Taimur Agha and the Blk Market crew. His live performance is much more than the average one-man-one-laptop show - incorporating vintage drum machines, live home made plug-ins, and even the Nintendo Wii. Having made a name throwing parties and booking events at both Shelter and Vinyl Nightclubs, as well as being the purveyor of numerous debaucherous after hours parties (namely his Udder Madness and Cheap Sunglasses parties), Larry now devotes much of his time to new project Glacier, with production partner Pier Bucci. Their debut offering ‘The Rocky Mountains EP’ was released on Wagon Repair in 2007. Other Crazy Larry releases have come via staple American labels Siteholder, AirDrop, Fade, Auralism and hip Brooklyn based label Hallucination. Projects are now on the horizon with contemporaries Soul Clap, Tanner Ross and Adam Collins, which showcase shared influences from old school R&B, soul, and funk genres – placing Larry well within the current slow-down-and-low-down zeitgeist. Currently residing in the depths of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and getting inspiration from DJ's like Koze, Three, Matthias Tanzmann and Pedro, and pushing his Time To Get iLL parties, Larry Ursini is all about the records you may not know, but really enjoy. With the party stamina of actual rock stars and the talent to back it up, the Crazy one can not possibly fail to command your attention, or leave his own lasting mark. MICHAEL VIEIRA (resident) New York native Michael Vieira has been influenced by music for as long as he can remember. Most likely in his blood, he first picked up DJing from his father who granted him full access to his own vinyl turntables and vinyl collection. Finely tuned over the years, the art form has become a therapeutic method of self expression he undoubtedly excels in. Specializing in his own blend of tech house, one can find hints of deep, soul, funk and latin rhythms in his sets. Determined to “bring the vibe back” he is looking forward to the year ahead, confident it will bring his sound to new audiences. That vibe is what he considers most important and what he strives to revive and spread as best as he can. About the Club: CIELO From its state-of-the-art space in downtown's ultra-chic Meatpacking District, Cielo provides a music program specializing in deeply soulful house music as well as various genres of electronic music. Cielo is a haven for mature individuals seeking intelligent nightlife with neither the hassles of large clubs nor the elitism of upscale lounges with too many VIP rooms. Once you are in Cielo, there will be no more ropes, checkpoints, or rules. Security's goal is to compliment the experience, not to hinder it. Cielo has set a new level in New York nightlife by going back to basics: the best DJs on the planet, a strong door, impeccable service, stunning decor and lighting, and a sound system which will blow the most fastidious audiophile's socks off. 21+ $10 Advance Tickets at $20 Cover Join Our Official Fan Page
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