• Joint Effort proudly presents... Drumcell Droid Recordings, Los Angeles, CA http://www.droidbehavior.com/ Drumcell is the founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior along with the Vargas brothers of techno duo Acid Circus. Since the mid Nineties Drumcell has been a firm believer in the power of techno and over the past decade become one of Southern California's greatest champions. Drumcell‘s constant push into the bleeding edges of music technology has earned him the title of product specialist for Native Instruments. He is out there pushing the limits of what current technology has to offer- developing homebrew software as well as cutting edge hardware solutions to bring a fresh, innovative taste to his production and performances. Innovations that blur the lines between live performance and a traditional DJ set up creating “a thick blend of acidic techno and aggressive but funky minimalist groove”. Drumcell is one of the few artists exploiting the full power of software like Traktor and Ableton run through state-of-the-art Allen & Heath mixer technology. In conjunction, the trinity is used to create a hybrid of flexibility and fidelity for the ultimate in electronic music performance. Drumcell uses this platform to highlight his own needles-in-the-red brand of aggressive, discordant techno. In fact, this summer’s Droid Recordings release “Cell Injection”, with longtime production partner Audio Injection, crystallized this amped up testosterone booster meets Quaalude jack and funk perfectly. In turn, the release captured the attention of many of the world’s top techno jocks in the process – including Speedy J and Richie Hawtin. It’s a sound born of musical menace and the kinds of wickedness that only the poisoned airs of LA can conjure. Recently, Drumcell has also had a string of additional successes including remixes of techno legend Chris Leibing on Leibing’s own CLR label as well as the seventh anniversary of the now legendary Interface parties These gatherings have brought the best of the old school warehouse vibe together with intense new school multimedia presentations that defy explanation. He is currently developing a audio/visual performance to be unveiled by the end of this year in hopes of elevating his performances at these events to the next level. Drumcell will definitely be one artist worth watching in 2010. Tinhead v.s NeeHigh http://www.djtinhead.com/ Tinhead and Neehigh have been pushing both technno and dubstep sounds across the globe. With well over a decade of experience behind the decks, They've played in cities from Minneapolis to Chicago and worldwide in Germany. Chris Rusu Teggno Records,Som Bom Records http://www.myspace.com/chrisrusu Calling him a diamond in the rough would be an understatement. Chris Rusu is on the verge of becoming one of the household names for any DJ with a sense for great hidden act worth supporting. Chris Rusu is just that. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin and with plenty of producing experience under his belt, he is determined to blow up in a matter of time. His latest release ‘Minimal Machine’ is simply amazing, every-single-track. Great reviews from everyone, including the minmal master himself Richie Hawtin. Keep an eye on this guy. Visuals by Barcode Visuals 21 +
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