Soul Summit: Free Dance Party

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    Sloppy White, Dave Mata, Duke Grip
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  • "What makes a kickass dance party? The answer, while complex and intricate, comes down to one simple ingredient: the music. When the music is juicy and bodacious and irresistible, then you can't help but give in and let your freak flag fly. And this, dear readers, is a good thing. Launched in January of 2010, the Soul Summit Dance Party is a new monthly event that spans "the specturm of early, raw r&b, funk &soul." Six DJs take turns spinning mini-sets, so the range of sounds are varied and unpredictable, keeping the vibe fresh and fun. Surprsingly, the Double Door makes for an awesome dance club, what with a sweet sound system, high ceilings, and large dance floor. Exuberant and energetic, the crowd represented a darling mix of fucking hipsters, genre enthusiasts, and dancing machines. Everybody shook their thang and did what they wanted to do, and when a soul version of "Like a Rolling Stone" came on, some sort of jubilant apoplexy was shared by all. A blessed lack of prefab pretense and scenester shenanigans also contributed to this fine, fine evening. Next time I am going to wear comfy shoes and take the next day off -this Summit is the real deal."
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