Sundown On The Deck with James Flavour

  • A Pre Fire Primer A great way to enjoy the summer, Sundown on the Deck is a happy hour party that starts at 5 and goes until 2. This particular event is a fundraiser for Portland Design Institute, a startup school that focuses on digital media for young adults 16-24 years old. Music production, videography, and digital design education for our future. Who doesn't like outdoor parties in the summer? That's why we're setting up outdoors from 5-10 and then moving it inside for the late night. About Portland Design Institute: The concept of the Portland Design Institute is to provide digital focused education and cross-cultural experiences through courses and professional lectures to young adults. Building on the need for quality and innovative after-school & summer programs, PDI allows students to explore and prepare for a technical career through course and lab work, student-planned events, and highly qualified visiting lecturers. Emphasizing cross cultural experiences, PDI prepares cohorts for connecting and operating on a global stage through the educational process.
  • Sundown On The Deck with James Flavour - Flyer front