Healthy Summer 2010 Vol.4

  • the 4th installement of the healthy summer party/fest series takes place on 6th and 7th of august in south crete ,sougia (municipality of chania). this time mari.cha , sawf, and echovolt dj's team up with the regulars to bring you the unique experience of healthy summer. swim all day and dance all night you an idea of what is going to go down. most people return for more each year, reminiscing the good times they had through the winter to keep them going . the music spans from obscure disco , funk, slo mo nu disco, house, electro , acid, techno , to dub techno etc. in a few words music for your body and soul. we must point out that in sougia you have the option of free camping and naturism. so after the party you might as well walk to the beach drop your clothes and take a dive. perfect closing for a great night. but you still have more for saturday evening so have a rest in the shade to get healthy and ready for the night. just for the record its not too healthy ...raki flows endlessly.
  • Healthy Summer 2010 Vol.4 - Flyer front
    Healthy Summer 2010 Vol.4 - Flyer back