Meander Night

  • Summer edition of our seasonal label night. We are looking forward to celebrate a luscious summer night with three highly talented musicians. The Horst garden will be open all night long, to provide everyone with fresh air and a comfy view to the stars! ADAM MARSHALL: The night will start with our friend and Canada native Adam Marshall. With nearly two decades’ experience as a DJ, not to mention his acclaimed work as a producer and label owner, Adam has amassed considerable respect from the electronic music community for his finely tuned blend of lysergic house grooves and smart, sharp techno. And with releases on esteemed imprints like Simple, Cynosure, and of course his own labels New Kanada and KUJI, it seems that many of the scene’s bigger players are now catching on, too. “I always liked the dark, tripped-out house stuff from all the Midwestern raves I used to go to,” he remembers. “All the early morning music – not necessarily hard or soft, but rather the moodiness and sex appeal of that twilight groove. ”Increasingly inspired by mix-tapes and live sets from US legends like Derrick Carter, Mick Huckaby, D-Wynn, and Ron Hardy, Adam started DJing himself, and soon became instrumental in the burgeoning mid-‘90s Toronto scene alongside his long-time friends Jeremy P. Caulfield, Jeff Milligan and Mike Shannon. DEWALTA: Afterwards DeWalta the co-founder of Meander will provide you with his unique and highly anticipated live appearance. He will bring a lot of his analog gear to the stage. By 2007 he founded his Meander label with Fabian Geimer-Lorusso and Jens Körmer, then he began releasing his first electronic records on the label itself and on Kalk Pets. Just a year later long time friend and Vakant big daddy snapped up David leading to the drop of another record and started to rock the world’s dance floors. With a bass presence not easily described in words and the musical expanse that floats on top of his music, DeWalta became instantly known to all those seeking massive funk with their freak. He already released several records on Meander, two records on Vakant as well as Kalk Pets and is about to play his music and vision for enthusiastic crowd´s around this globe. Right now he finished two very promising remixes for Mathias Kaden and Ion Ludwig, so he seems to be in excellent form to give you a warm summer blast. AUDIO WERNER: Then we have Audio Werner, our long time friend and for us intensively related to the „Meander sound“ . He is the co-founder of the Cologne based label Hartchef Discos, has produced many as unique as timeless releases which have been setting dance-floors all over the world on fire. Apart from Hartchef Discos his music creations have been pressed to other high profile labels like Perlon, Circus Company, Hello?!Repeat, Musique Risquée and Minibar. Meanwhile residential in Berlin he just finished his highly anticipated Double 12Inch „Meanwhile“ on Hartchef Discos. Tonight he will play for you the top of his unique selection of warm-melodic-kicking house & techno tunes. For more info´s about us and the artists please follow the link to our website. We would love to see you all there. Don´t miss this one!!!
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