Bialystok Up To Date Festival

  • ABOUT WHY? Bialystok Up To Date Festival is a new and fresh concept emerging for the first time in the eastern corners of the country immensely dedicated to electronic & hip-hop music and cuture. Moreover, it inhibits different forms of art in a variety of fields. The whole idea of it is to reach out to Podlasian peoples with non-mainstream perspective of music and art, to intrest them in it, to promote both the previously mentioned and the city of Bialystok itself. What's more, it aims at uniting people of mutual interest in alternative culture, make them come together and liaise. The goal of Bialystok Up To Date Festival as a whole is to promote the fresh, the new and often not commonly recognised forms of cultural enterprise stemming from off the beaten track. It is easily attainable through by the means of contrasting. That is why the festival will partially focus on combining and putting together the new with the old, the traditional against the modern, the digital versus the analogue... WHAT COULD I EXPERIENCE NOW? PARTIES // EVENTS Within the Festival for a good couple of months there is a number of events held in six venues located in the city of Bialystok. (for details take look at the EVENTS section). Something special and extraordinary will be The Ambient Park, a pallattable auditory feast. (for details take look at the EVENTS section on the website). WORKSHOPS Anyone interested is more than welcome to participate in free DJ and photography workshops (for details take look at the PROGRAMME section on our www). GRAND FINALE // 25 SEPTEMBER 2010 Every single party, workshop and exhibition leads to the Grand Finale to take place 25 September 2010 in the socialrealistic ex-military warehouse complex commonly known as Weglowa. More fancy details soon, and these are the forthcoming attractions: - three stages - hip-hop, dubstep/drum'n'bass, techno - grafitti jam - music films & documentaries showcase - national BMX competition finals and season closing events - theatre show TAPE - more goodies to be announced
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