Qué Bajo?

  • Founded in 2008 by Geko Jones and Uproot Andy, the NYC tropical dance party ‘Que Bajo’ has quickly found itself at the center of the modern global dance music scene. From its home at the well known downtown Manhattan club Santos Party house, ‘Que Bajo’ has opened up a space, not only for the neo cumbia and tropical bass music that was its original focus, but for the coming together of all types of new musical trends emenating from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa, as well as Europe and the US, and hosts many of the young artists and Djs on the cutting edge of these new genres, such as Toy Selectah, Maluca, Zizek, Radioclit, Bersa Discos, DJ Rekha, Choc Quib Town, Jahdan Blackamoore and 77Klash.
  • Qué Bajo? - Flyer front