Guest*star & Space present The Carnival Of Angels Mardi Gras

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    Main Room: Space presents Femi B (Strictly Rhythm/Pacha Ibiza/MOS World Tours) Downton (Bambara/Celestial) Eddy Kruger (Space/Vertigo) James McLaughlin (Resident) + Special Guests / PAs Room Two: Guest*Star presents Backstage Sluts WOMSO Leon Baggotts Eduardo Tuccillo Danny DG Monica Ross & Gabry
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  • The 11th Space Birthday celebration and reunion event of 2010 Space returns for a special one off party ..."The Carnival of Angels" to celebrate its 11th birthday and for a chance for everyone who loved Space at the Cross to get together one more time. However Space is not just looking to the past, we have a line up that captures the spirit of 2010 and Ibiza while still paying reference to those parties at the legendary Cross. About Guest*Star: Guest*Star is a new group of party people whose roots are firmly placed in promoting the underground musical scene of London and beyond fusing all things house with a positive party energy. Become a Guest*Star DJ: Guest*Star are looking for popular, extremely talented DJs to join them in their quest to take London by storm, the right applicants will join them in performing as professional DJs at mainstream venues such as Pacha & Egg as well as the chance to perform at exclusive intimate parties in and around London. For your chance to become a Guest*Star DJ, simply get a few CDs burned of your most recent skillful DJ set and head to Pacha on the 7th of August to meet the Guest*Star crew. Please note if you wish to have a guestlist for your friends we can put them on concessions, simply email us your attending: [email protected]
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