Perverted Audio feat Zoo Brazil, Seb Zito

  • Well what can we say - with 2010 already half way through and London's clubbing scene changing every day - everyone thought there would be no decent venues left to rave - well we've been quiet in London for a few months to prove you wrong and have found a gem in the rough that is otherwise known as "EGG" in Kings Cross. Renowned for superlate parties, diverse collection of people and musical genres and boasting 4 rooms - all complete with Funktion 1 rigs, and a HUGE outdoor clubbing terrace complete with BBQ's and sandpit - what better venue to return with an almighty bang and bring back a DJ that everyone didn't stop talking about and his podcast on the Perverted Audio iTunes series downloaded over 2,000 times in less than a week - we give you superstar DJ and producer ZOO BRAZIL. Zoo Brazil aka John Andersson has been producing and writing music since the age of 11, and has released over 100 singles under such monikers as Laid, Cuba Computers, Nars, The Kelly Project, The Wiggs and Outcold. John continues to work with and remix some of electronic music’s most influential artists including Moby [Mute], Tiesto [Blackhole], Fatboy Slim [Skint/Astralwerks], Human League [Virgin], Dannii Minogue [FFRR], and Nitin Sawhney [V2], as well as a host of the most respected and credible 'underground' dance acts such as James Holden [Border Community], Ian Pooley [V2/Ministry Of Sound], Rex the Dog [Hundehaus], Blaze [Slip N Slide], Dirty Vegas [Credence/EMI], Lo Fidelity Allstars [Skint/Astralwerks], Zoot Woman/Stuart Price [Madonna's producer] [Wall of Sound/EMI], and many more. As a DJ he has performed all over the world at some of the best clubs including Matter, Ministry of Sound and Pacha, and has played underground clubs and festivals the world over in Australia, Europe, North and South America. EGG CLUB, 200 York Way, Kings Cross, London, N7 9AP EVENT DATE / TIME: Friday 6th August 2010 // 10pm - 8am ADVANCE TICKETS: £10 VIP TABLES AND INFO PLEASE EMAIL: [email protected] ONLINE: HTTP://WWW.CLUBTICKETS.COM . HTTP://[email protected] INFO: HTTP://WWW.PERVERTEDAUDIO.COM // 07960 589 222 --------------------------------- AUTHORISED TICKET SELLERS / DROP OFF AREAS: HTTP://WWW.CLUBTICKETS.COM | HTTP://WWW.EGGLONDON.NET PERRY (Perverted Audio – Bromley & surrounding areas) 07960 589 222 RICH WARREN (Orpington) 07736 307 546 LEWIS JAMES 07949 932 737 RYAN ELLIS (Bexleyheath) 07939 582 249 LEWIS WRIGHT (SE areas) 07890 744 448 JADE COX 07946 529 616 (South East) KEN RHODES 07584 091 799 (Essex) DANIEL JAMES 07507 142 240 (Essex) LEWI 07725 627 616 (North London) Bill Nick 07772 285 147
  • Perverted Audio feat Zoo Brazil, Seb Zito - Flyer front
    Perverted Audio feat Zoo Brazil, Seb Zito - Flyer back