Packing For Egypt - Pierce Warnecke

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    • Schlesische Strasse 42; Kreuzberg; 10997; Germany
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    Packing for Egypt (US), Pierce Warnecke (FR)
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  • This performance features the talents of two musical generations. Michael Bierylo has been a member of the seminal US new music group Birdsongs of the Mesozoic since 1992. For this date he will focus on laptop performance using the group's recordings for source material, environmental sound, as well as new work that will be part of an upcoming Cuneiform Birdsongs release. Pierce was a student of his at Boston's Berklee College of Music, and has gone on to establish himself as an artist with an ever-expanding catalog of music releases and installation pieces. The Wendel Cafe performance will focus on work that is more experimental in nature and will include live video. ------ MICHAEL BIERYLO is Packing for Egypt. He is a guitarist, composer, and sound designer best know for his work with Cuneiform recording artists Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, performing at clubs, concerts, and festivals throughout the US. As a solo artist, he performs on laptop and live electric and processed guitar, creating a landscape of tribal electronic rhythms, ambient textures, and stream of consciousness melodic ideas. Packing for Egypt is the nom de plume for his solo performances and collaborations, which have included work with Jazz musicians Matt Darriau and George Schuller and composer/multi-instrumentalist Michael McLaughlin from Naftule's Dream. Bierylo is a Professor of Electronic Production and Design at Boston's Berklee College of Music, as well as the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he has worked with a number of talented students now making names for themselves in all segments of the music and art world. PIERCE WARNECKE is a musician, programmer and visual artist whose focus is split between interrelated media (work) and electronic music and video (play). He works as a multimedia programmer, creating unique solutions for interactive mulitmedia installations. His work focuses on the audio-video relationship, intra/interactivity and data recycling. Past projects have dealt with video analysis software, alternate controllers, multi-point sound diffusion, machine/lighting control or modulation routing systems for artists such as Groupe Dunes ( and XLR project ( Pierce releases music and video on BEE records in Lyon with duo Nth Synthesis, and alone under his own name. His audio/video/installation projects have been a part of international festivals, including Sguardi Sonori 2008 (Italy), Boston CyberArts Festival (US), American Composers Forum, Sonic Circuits (US), Optica (ES), Nuits Blanches (FR), Ososphere (FR), IMAF Osnabrueck (GER), and Mal au Pixel (FR).
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