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  • Italy-USA Has Always Been A Winning Team. The link that has united these countries for so many decades from politics to culture to architectures, now focus on music as a meeting point, and New York City is the ideal venue. The initiative was created to involve young people - Americans, Italians and Italians-Americans - who wish to maintain and strengthen this relationship going forward. One of the largest Italian’s radio networks, M2O Radio, has decided to organize a series of events “I Love Italian DJs” at the major Big Apple clubs, where leading Italian and American DJs will alternate their talents that will keep the connection between these great cultures. Betting on young people has always been a winning strategy and this time success is assured because the initiative has all the credentials to attract an impressive turnout of young people. Partnering with the “I Love Italian DJs” brand is a guaranteed opening to the demographic channel known as the Millennial Generation. “I Love Italian DJs” is sure to become one of the coolest happenings in town where young people meet every month, participating in an event that is already fashionable and very well-known. The first two events were a great springboard to next June 24 when Covet NYC will be the official launch on the road to success. For July Event, I love Italian DJS and E& T introduce: Lea Lounge - Romantic wine bar, lounge and restaurant nestled in the halls of the Helmsley Building above Grand Central Station. The French and Italian fused Lea Lounge is a sophisticated and cosy 19th Century styled venue popular for lunch, after work cocktails or late night food and drinks. Ambient lounge music makes way for DJ spun beats after 10pm, there are over 100 wines to discover and the accompanying tapas styled menu is available until 1am. DJ's Sessions set by AMOROSO GIAMPAOLO IENNA DANIELE CIOCIO (DJ CRAFT) BRIAN MASSEY Info, Table reservation & Collaboration... please contact us at: Giampaolo Ienna (646) 404-3668 [email protected] Enzo Zullo (646) 696-1669 [email protected] Susanna Vianello +39(392) 256-5586 [email protected]
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