Pendu presents: Black Devil Disco Club

  • THIS WEEK - - August 3rd - - !! - BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB ( August 3, 2010 21+ Doors 9PM $12 adv. / $15 door. go to for tickets. Tickets for BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB (August 3, 2010) are $12. You can use your CC/paypal account to purchase tickets now. Tickets will be held at Glasslands. When you arrive at Glasslands on August 3, you will need your ID to verify your name on the Will Call list to get your ticket. ___ ::: “It’s taken a full thirty years for them to get round to it (well, so legend would have it, at any rate), but Bernard Fevre and Jacky Giordano at last complete their great Italo Disco trilogy, with this tremendous thirty-something minutes of electronic, dancefloor bliss. The album opens with a metallic, flanged drum sound, before some bongo business starts up to the right of the mix, and synths flood over everything else, immediately establishing the parameters of what you’re about to hear. The tagline that seems to be following this release around is “Salvador Dali meets Cerrone”, although quite what that means remains fairly unclear. While sure enough, abstract synth sounds and are called into use, there’s nothing particularly disposed towards the surreal, or the kind of psychological probing implied by the Dali reference. What this record does give you is a densely packed half hour or so of sonically ambitious electro disco, which in creative terms still sounds several steps ahead of so many of the producers who’ve emerged as Italo enthusiasts since that first Black Devil album (re-)emerged. Analogue discourses like ‘Free For The Girls’ and the brassy, effervescent ‘With Honey Cream’ are real winners, and it’s hard to imagine anyone who’s liked previous Black Devil outings, or indeed Luke Vibert’s Kerrier District material not loving these six excellent productions.” Out in june 2010 : The Strange New World of Bernard Fèvre Remix album feat exclusives remixes of the 1975 masterpiece re-edited/re-issued in 2009. With remixes from Luke Vibert, Metronomy, Pilooski, Para One, Yo Majesty, Patrick Dawes (Groove Armada), Ricard Sen (Padded Cell), Emperor Machine…More to come.. Also Out in sept 2010 : The new Black Devil Disco Club record. Featuring Jon Spencer from the Blues Explosion, Trost from Cobra Killer, Nancy Fortune, Kim & Galaxy Birthday. More to come. Preview the album here: ( ( Official Site:
  • Pendu presents: Black Devil Disco Club - Flyer front