Funkademia with Dj Dave Haslam

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    DJ Dave Haslam (Sweet Sensation / Hacienda),Les Croasdaile and GoodfortheSoul
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  • Many people from Manchester and beyond will associate Dave Haslam with the Hacienda, no surprise there as he did play at the venue over 450 times. However he should really need no introduction to regulars of Funkademia and Mint Lounge, our regular disco dancers will have more than likely visited his Yellow night that ran for many years at the Boardwalk or the Saturday night Chica Chica Boom that was a roadblock every week for nearly three years at the Rossetti. For the last five years Dave Haslams 'Sweet Sensation' night has built up a reputation for attracting a great crowd of loyal and enthusiastic clubbers getting off on a joyous mix of classic funk, quality soul, and house anthems galore. These irregular events take place at various venues in Manchester, usually without a press release or flyers, sometimes word-of-mouth only, sometimes barely advertised and sometimes guest-list only. A couple of extra special treats on the night, Simon Ozbitzon make a Mint Lounge debut to warm up the dancefloor for Mr Haslam. We are also revamping our Northern Funk brand in the back room, Soul Funk connoisseur Dave Hulston will feature on the night, and Northern Funk will then continue to run the last Saturday of every month. For information on how we look and how we sound then please follow links and to our site. We have full details of whats on when at and if you still have any questions please contact us at and we will respond.
  • Funkademia with Dj Dave Haslam - Flyer front
    Funkademia with Dj Dave Haslam - Flyer back