Ketoloco Summer Shindig with Solomun & Christian Burkhardt - live

  • After the success of the last party - where Ilario Alicante exhibited a master class of crowd control with his frenzy making beats - Ketoloco rerun to the Light Bar for one last time this summer. With a new, super crisp Funktion ONE soundsystem installed, the Light bar is set to bounce hard to the sounds of Solomun, Kanio, Christian Burkhardt [Live], Huxley and the Ketoloco DJs. Solomun is a rare commodity in 2010 - a DJ and producer very much with his own identity. So much so, in fact, his Diynamic label has singlehandedly put Hamburg house on the map, as well as helping to carve out careers for the lines of Stimming and H.O.S.H. Expect the man to play looped, tech-y house with weirded-out and idiosyncratic percussive detail, real instrumentation and all in a variety of shades from deep to jacking. Calling in for a live show is Remote Area, Oslo and Deep Vibes aligned German producer Christian Burkhardt. Known for his Dutch sounding tech house productions, the man’s music in fact draws influence from house, minimal and even hip hop. Intricate structures, complex percussive rhythms and a sense of evolution are all present in his live show which is ever changing; growing; improving. Rising London based DJ and production talent Huxley – who has released his deep 4/4 cuts on labels like Cécille Numbers and Tsuba – also gets in on the action along with talented selector, mixer and producer Kanio. And, of course, the beating heart of all these parties, the Ketoloco residents, are also on hand to warm you up before, and bring you down after, the main headliners. And with its open air outside area (which can be covered if the rain Gods so dictate), location in the shadow of London’s Gherkin building and breezy, airy interior, the light bar is a perfect August venue which allows the sunshine to beam indoors and helps keeps the summer vibes going all afternoon and evening long. For one last session this summer, as the afternoon turns to evening; as the BBQ continues to simmer and as the music goes from deep to more propulsive grooves, it's time to get 'loco.
  • Ketoloco Summer Shindig with Solomun & Christian Burkhardt - live - Flyer front
    Ketoloco Summer Shindig with Solomun & Christian Burkhardt - live - Flyer back