Drop It Like Its Hot

  • Venue
    93 Feet East
    • The Old Truman Brewery, 150 Brick Lane; Shoreditch; London E1 6RU; United Kingdom
  • Date
    Sat, 24 Jul 20107pm till 1am
  • Attending
    • 7
  • ̸


    djs Cazbee (mixed blood cuts) J B (retox jaded) plus guests including Eddie Richards (fabric) Richard Sen +many more j
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  • HI all you party people.We would like to invite you to come and get on down at the first of our summer sessions with some of the finest tech house artists in a stunning venue with roof terrace.We are proud to hosting J B (jadded) one of U K's most talented underground dj's .His skills have taken him around the world from Ibiza to playing at some of UK s most popular festivals including Glastonbury and recently Out to graze.A true favorite with the underground party people.Cazbee being an avid collector of music from a very young age helped him forge an accute understanding of what it takes to get dancefloors moving.Coz thats what he does best.-just the way we like it.So we re talking skill and knowledge here that can only be described as genius.He has captivated dance floors for 20 years with his deep soulful distinctive sound.
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