Warm with Patrice Scott & Keith Worthy

  • Warm continue their exclusive monthly Plastic People residency on Friday October 15th with sets from two of Detroit’s key players, Patrice Scott (Sistrum) and Keith Worthy (Aesthetic Audio). Although he only entered the world of recorded music in 2006, Patrice Scott has been one of the pivotal figures of the Detroit electronic music scene for many years, witnessing the very first waves of Detroit house and techno and establishing himself on the local DJ scene with residencies in his native city and in Toronto. In 2006 he founded Sistrum Recordings – the outlet for almost all of his expertly crafted productions – and since then he has firmly established himself as an essential part of Detroit’s incredibly fertile musical heritage, with his emotionally charged tracks planted firmly in every discerning DJs record bag and slots in the most prestigious venues around the world. Like Patrice Scott, Keith Worthy first encountered electronic music in the kind of venues that have gone down in history as being at the forefront of the house and techno explosion. In places like The Music Institute, The City Club and Taboo he was exposed to music that was far ahead of its time and to the individuals who pioneered it: the likes of Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and The Electrifying Mojo. Taken under the wing of the great DJ and producer Duane ‘in the mix’ Bradley, Keith quickly found his feet as a DJ and in 2006 he founded Aesthetic Audio, deciding to keep the direction of his productions 100% in his own hands. With regular appearances at the likes of Fabric and Berghain, Keith was the perfect choice to join Patrice Scott for this special, intimate show at Plastic People. Joining Patrice Scott and Keith Worthy will be the Warm Residents, Ali Tillett and Rob Summerhayes.
  • Warm with Patrice Scott & Keith Worthy - Flyer front