La Pouf Pary

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    QUEEN MIMOSA 3 (electro glam) FUCK ME TWICE (electro pouf) L-ZA (mix electro) MANY MC QUEEN (mix rock electro)
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  • The "Bitch Party" is an evening to gather an audience for a festive night of unbridled madness! Gays, lesbians, and other creatures freaks floozy are invited for the first party in the legendary Chamber Batofar. The idea is to bring in fun of inhibitions and mix too ghettoised world today. Program: groups (Queen Mimosa 3 & Fuck Me Twice), d-throw (L-Z and Many Mc Queen) contest wet t-shirt to dance all night! The bitch is universal and knows no limits! We therefore invite all the hoes in France and around the world to sweat on sounds and quirky fun! Join our cause and assume finally the bitch in you!
  • La Pouf Pary - Flyer front