Go Bang! In Paradise! Atomic Dancefloor Disco Action

  • Go BANG! ATOMIC DANCEFLOOR DISCO ACTION! San Francisco has a diverse disco scene that often crosses over but not often enough! The goal of Go BANG! is to bring the crews and their devoted dancers together in a mixed, diverse, exciting environment, with a nod to the diversity and freedom of the 70's/80's San Francisco/New York/Chicago disco nightlife! Disco freaks, art school boys & girls, drag queens & kings, boogie-heads, fierce dancers, flashy dressers, sexy girls, hot boys, DJs, dancers, photographers, artists, fashionistas; gay/straight/bi/tri/whateva! Bring your flashiest, trashiest, classiest, sexiest, craziest style; but bring an open mind, big smile, and shoes that will allow you to dance from opening to last call! We will start with fire and end with fire! Taking inspiration from the classic Dinosaur L. song "I wanna see all my friends at once I'll do anything to get a chance to Goooo BANG!" **Special Guest: DJ Said (Fatsouls Records, We & The Music) DJ Said of Fatsouls Records has brought a soulful African brand of percussion-based deep house to a distinct slice of the underground in San Francisco. Said has spun at his Atmosfere events and many other clubs around the world alongside the likes of Francois K, Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, Kenny Carpenter, Miguel Migs and countless others. His original productions have been released on many an influential label including Ibadan, Chez & Wave Music. His main influence is derived from Afrobeat, Highlife Jazz, Juju, and other music from his Yoruba root and numerous global music which he absorbed during his formative years. As a teenager, Said sorted after his sibling’s extraordinary musical interests and record collection. During this period he recalls hearing American Disco (one of his favorites - T-Connection's "Saturday Night") in addition to regional Nigerian disco acts. In 1984, Said moved from his hometown Lagos, Nigeria to England as a scholar. While in England, he gained a vast knowledge of the London club scene through direct experience and connections. Said currently heads Fatsouls Records, a San Francisco-based independent record label founded in 2007. Said currently promotes “We & The Music” a monthly event with emphasis on House, Afrobeat and other Soulful Afro - Rhythms. He is excited to be able to present some of his favorite & influential disco stompers at this month's Go BANG! == Enjoy... *Pictures From Last Month by Darwin Bell: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=229192&id=118319468384&l=f8a7954396 *Go BANG! Live Mixes: http://soundcloud.com/go-bang *HIGHLIGHTs from LAST MONTH: +Go BANG! Go PRIDE! June 2010 Full Night: http://www.gobangsf.com/MP3/GoBANG-06-26-10-FULL.mp3 +Jordan Presnick of TRES LINGERIE at Go BANG! Go PRIDE! June 2010 LISTEN: http://www.gobangsf.com/MP3/GoBANG-06-26-10-TresLingerie.mp3 Jack-N-House - I Got to Go to Work Denise Motto - Tell Jack (Jack the House) Fast Eddie - Let's Do This Melba Moore - Miss Thing Lee Moore - Reachin Out (For Your Love) (Instrumental) Bombers - Let's Dance Eurofunk - Man Shortage Giorgio Moroder - E=mc^2 Armed Gang - All I Want T-Connection - At Midnight LAX - Don't Stop The Skatt Bros. - Walk the Night +STEVE FABUS at Go BANG! Go PRIDE! June 2010 LISTEN: http://www.gobangsf.com/MP3/GoBANG-06-26-10-SteveFabus.mp3 1. I Like What I Like - Everyday People 2. Do What You Wanna Do - T-Connection 3. I Was Born This Way - Carl Bean 4. Rise Up - Sunkids feat. Chance 5. Dancin - Crown Heights Affair 6. Down To Love Town - Originals 7. Good Life - Inner City 8. Love Train - Spinners +Jason Kendig (HONEYSOUNDSYSTEM) at Go BANG! Go PRIDE! June 2010 LISTEN: http://soundcloud.com/go-bang/jason-kendig-honeysoundsystem-at-go-bang-go-pride-june-26-2010 DOWNLOAD: http://www.gobangsf.com/MP3/GoBANG-06-26-10-JasonKendig.mp3 edna holt & starluv - people come dance rinder & lewis - willie and the hand jive sylvia love - extraterrestrial lover sylvis love - instant love (dub) thp - who do you love bumble bee orchestra - love bug dan hartman - vertigo fever- pump it up erotic drum band - touch me where it's hot slick - space bass thp orchestra - two hot for love love de-luxe - here comes that sound don armando's second avenue rhumba band - deputy of love (d.b. edit) harry thuman - underwater man 2 man meets man parrish - male stripper sparks - beat the clock jules tropicana - come on mya & the mirror - hesitation in-sync - sometimes love nitro deluxe - let's get brutal ulysses - magic wand mr. lee & kompany - shoot your best shot alexander robotnik - problemes d'amour tempest trio - do you like the way that it feels harold melvin & the blue notes - don't leave me this way d.d. sound - burning love black ivory - mainline cj & co. - we got our own thing nick straker - a little bit of jazz brenda russell - way back when first choice - love thang+
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