Vakant 'Family Values' Release Party

  • <b>VA034 V.A. - Family Values. Out on Beatport August 9th! Out on all other digital stores August 23rd!</b> Tis the season for grilling, afternoon beers in the park, and the family reunion. What better way to spend a Sunday then getting into a fight with your drunk uncle over hot dogs and questionable shorts \ socked footwear combinations? Tis also the season for <b>Vakant</b> the label, the mythos, the family to reunite and drop the blazing <b>‘Family Values’</b> compilation for your late summer revelry. The unmixed compilation starts off with our distant Argentinean cousin <b>Nico Purman</b>. His <b>‘Xpress Yourself’</b> lands somewhere between Rick James and Francois K. Second is bro wonder <b>Tolga Fidan</b> who continues to impress with his <b>‘Linnz’</b> contribution. Not one to leave all the fun to the kids, Godfather <b>Alex Smoke</b> (VA001) gives his army of robots free rein and out the other end comes <b>‘I-73 Night'</b>, freaky yet reassuring like advanced techno should be. Rounding out the first half is our other prodigy <b>DeWalta</b> whose favorite pastime happens to be breaking subwoofers. His deep yet bouncing <b>'Stringer Bell'</b> is sure to result in a run on replacement woofer cones. The wise and the freaky family elder <b>Robag Wruhme</b> (VA002) bestows upon us <b>'Kuttenrolch 1996'</b>, a light and airy electro tinged piece produced solely on a Korg Trinity in 1996 while sounding just as fresh as if produced yesterday. Next up is visiting uncle by way of marriage Anthony Collins who imparts <b>'Boys Sometimes Cry'</b> showing his depth, musicality, and maturity. Then everyone's brother <b>Mathias Kaden</b> presents us with a <b>2010 edit</b> of his own first ever solo release, <b>'Circle Pit' </b>(VA004) which is as sick as the original was in 2005. Finally comes our Bavarian son <b>Dario Zenker</b> who puts a big red ribbon on the 'Family Values' package with perhaps his slickest, sexiest, and expansive track to date with <b>'Apollo 910'</b>. So enjoy the Vakant family's tech house fruits, partake in its freaky family love, but please try not to get burned.
  • Vakant 'Family Values' Release Party - Flyer front
    Vakant 'Family Values' Release Party - Flyer back