Mud: Subject & Reach present Surgeon & DJ Rush // Spectrum Present Jubei //2562

  • A slightly different night of bass for Mud tonight with a double header extravaganza in the form of dub techno through to the harder industrial sounds. In the basement Reach present dark techno wizard Surgeon for a dub-techno set, while on Stage Subject bring in Chicago's legendary DJ Rush for a rare Dublin appearence jamming out the hard stuff! DnB fans fear not as Spectrum hold in down in the Mezz with the UK's fast rising Metalheadz star Jubei. LINE UP The Stage: Subject Present... DJ RUSH SUNIL SHARPE ROB HATCHELL The Basement: SURGEON 2562 REACH DJs The Mezz: Spectrum Present... JUBEI (Metalheadz, UK) BEATNIK TURNTABLE TERRORWRISTS Doors 11pm Adm: e15/e10 Members SURGEON Birmingham techno artist Anthony Child has rapidly built a solid and, to a certain extent, innovative catalog of minimal dancefloor techno since his Surgeon releases began appearing in 1991. Compared favorably with Detroit original Jeff Mills from his earliest Downwards singles on forward, Child's tracks have been a mainstay in the popular Motor City DJ's sets. Although Surgeon releases have worked an increasing affectation for acid and trance, an economy of sound and basic hardness combine his and Mills' sound. DJ RUSH From his birth place Chicago to, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Czech, Hungary, Japan, UK, and many more DJ Rush has stomped his way into their world and once there, nothing is ever the same. JUBEI Jubei was the name on the lips of almost every top-flight drum & bass DJ in 2009. Whether it’s his solo productions, his work as a member of Code 3 (with SP:MC and Dakuan) or collaborations with the likes of Breakage, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Phobia, Icicle, Ulterior Motive, Vicious Circle, Cern, SPY, Lenzman, Logistics and Fierce, his music features heavily in the sets of those in the know. Jubei’s first home, MC GQ’s Emcee Recordings released his 2006 debut ‘Still There’ and ‘Harvester’, a pair of collaborations with Breakage that paved the way for another co-write, ‘The Struggle’ this time alongside Sabre for Breakage and Equinox’s Scientific Wax. A move to Newcastle brought forth a kinship with Phobia that has delivered a wealth of releases for the likes of Renegade Hardware and given birth to the Coded Music label whose epic first release, ‘Guillotine’ saw Breakage back in the fold on remix duties. Drum & Bass pioneer Goldie recently enlisted Jubei to help engineer his orchestral piece 'Sine Tempus' for the BBC Proms and ‘Classic Goldie’ TV show and in the process signed a debut EP to his own Metalheadz label. Already in the pipeline are releases for DJ Friction’s Shogun Audio, Doc Scott’s 31 Records, dBridge’s Exit and Kasra’s Critical Music plus more for Metalheadz. As a DJ, Jubei was a resident at Newcastle’s infamous Turbulence and regularly plays drum & bass institutions such as Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware and Fabric in London, Bristol's Dissident, Cambridges Spoonfed, StarWarz in Ghent and further flung destinations including Japan 2562 2562 is Dave Huismans. This project is characterized by a post-garage skippiness, with rolling bass and hyper-edited snares learned from broken beat, a sense of space and echo learned from dub, and a devastating 4x4 anchorage and attention to detail from techno old and new. The result is more than the sum of its parts, an incredibly fulsome yet lean, natural-sounding, dancefloor-wrecking hybrid that’s found favour not only among dubstep heads but anyone drawn to fresh and innovative club music. Huismans has also made some rather kick-ass bruk tunes under the name Dogdaze. That project is now retired, but he continues to turn out incredible deep house and techno confections under the name A Made Up Sound.
  • Mud: Subject & Reach present Surgeon & DJ Rush // Spectrum Present Jubei //2562 - Flyer front