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    Alexander Robotnick (Hot Elephant/Fool's Gold Records/Italy SCOTT K. (nitty gritty/LA)
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  • Alexander Robotnick (aka Italian producer Maurizio Dami) attained an international cult following in 1983 with his hit Problemes D'Amour, a staple at all of the legendary clubs, including The Loft, The Paradise Garage, The Warehouse, and The Music Box. The true Godfathers (Chicago's Ron Hardy & Frankie Knuckles, and New York City's Larry Levan & David Mancuso, to name a few) all had Mr. Robotnick's records in heavy rotation. In addition to house & disco, he was also hugely influential in the world of techno and electro, and is often cited as a major influence on the Detroit Techno Godfathers like Juan Atkins and Derrick May. Louie Vega, Aeroplane, Metro Area, Lindstrøm, UNKLE, Francois K., Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Doc Martin, Mark Farina, Tim Sweeney...we could go on & on listing the current DJ's & producers he has influenced but we'd need far more room than we have Just trust us and don’t miss this rare chance to hear a true legend perform & dj live in an LA debut almost 30 years in the making. FIRST EVER LIVE PERFORMANCE & DJ SET IN LOS ANGELES
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