Brownsugar 004

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    DJs: joE Li vs. mat3heW (back to back), dickoN tempO & penny pP / VJs: i.van + vno
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  • yes! this is browNsugaR party 004 at grand house! Electronic music party : browNsugaR at Grand House -- the picturesque riverside club, continues to be outstanding local lineup of electronic music artists, presents a futuristic dance beat of the night! Dj joE li vs. mat3heW (back 2 back) , dickoN tempO, pennY pP (special guest ), Vj- ivan, vno, will re-launch a dance trend of the city! browNsugaR djs will present you avant-garde tech-house , minimal ,progressive music … more:
  • Brownsugar 004 - Flyer front