Pills! Thrills! & Espadrilles! Official 1234 Fest Afterparty

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    CHIQ DJs (Iameverything) Fonteyn (Computer Blue/Nuke Them All!) BENAFONTE (Potty Mouth Disco) + MORE TBC.
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  • Wow! well the first one went well innit - we're still flummoxed about how many people actually, like, TOTALLY went with the 'no socks required' policy! It was a bona fide orgy pastels and wayfarers! So now we're back, following on from Fonteyn's NUKE! set earlier at this year's 1234 Shoreditch Festival, with one of the key OFFICIAL 1234's AFTERPARTIES at PTE!!!!: £4 ENTRY ALL NIGHT TO 1234 WRISTBAND HOLDERS!!!!!!!!!!! PTE: a series of thoroughly irreverent Steamy Summer Parties in the newly renovated, super-glossy Basing House venue. PTE is ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC (man) and each party is an excuse for some hot up n coming East London djs to just go crazy, playing a unique mix of bonkers, sun-kissed electronic dance music from Italo-Disco to Speedo-House via Bikini-Wave, Bermuda-Beat and beyond! Smoked glass & chrome meets cheap booze, wall to wall video screens (displaying the finest sun-kissed trashy 80s vids) and a totally exotic smoking terrace... all open til 4am!
  • Pills! Thrills! & Espadrilles! Official 1234 Fest Afterparty - Flyer front