Siren Dipity Strikes Back

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    BadBob (Siren Dipity) RADAR! (Streetkiss Music/Siren Dipity) Lolak (Siren Dipity) Jules Dickens (The Love Express) Mr Pia (It's the Beat) Twiggy Garcia (Let's Go Crazy)
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  • RUN IN ASSOCIATION WITH STREETKISS MUSIC Following the previous Siren Dipity sessions of East London, each one of which rocked the joint, we have decided to take our wicked ways and our nasty electro habits and unleash them on the fine people of Dalston. Visions Video Bar just before the junction will be the scene of the crime and for those of you who have never been there before, you're in for a treat! ******************************************************************** Since the last party the Siren Dipity boys have been busy little beavers, DJ'ing in various places around Dalston, big clubs such as the Egg, and even a mansion party or two! It's all been gearing up to this one though and the scene is set for some serious illicit fun! This party will be a once a month residency to go along with our forthcoming Saturday night residency in the Horse & Groom.
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