Truck Festival

  • Venue
    Hill Farm, Steventon
    • Hill Farm, Steventon, Oxford, Oxon - 0x13 6sj
  • Date
    Sat, 24 Jul 201010am - later than you'd think
  • Attending
    • 2
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    DJ Zinc + MS DYNAMITE DJ FU & Script MC In the Beathive (our 16m Geo-dome) Adam (lab4) DJ Set - Cyberwlf - Full Lotus - Neuroplasm - Apahsia - Peep show Paddy - Mr Shoadow - DJ Jay B The Dub-Pub (hosted by linguistics) Drop n' Roll Grime Ministers feat. Document One and Alcini And our Oxford Brothers Boxford Tun'iversity - an education in dance.
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  • So TRUCK festival has been going for 13years this year - it's the "god father of small festivals" not only does it 6 stages - across a beautiful site just 10mins from Oxford and 60mins from London Town... As well as bands like Blood Red Shoes, Mew, Teenage Fanclub, Los Campesinos! and about 100more... It features these guys in the Barn...aka the Cowshed Rave.
  • Truck Festival - Flyer front
    Truck Festival - Flyer back