Pentagon, Dublin - presents Antonio 0'Duibhir/max Conte/david De Valera

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    // ANTONIO DUIBHER | DIBH / LIFE FESTIVAL | // Max Conte | DIBH / LIFE FESTIVAL | // David De Valera | Pentagon / 66REC | Voted 2010 // Best resident DJ // Pod, Dublin + // VJ ANLE
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  • PENTAGON Presents... David De Valera | ANTONIO DUIBHER | MAX CONTE | MIKEY MAGUIRE | VJ Anle | Dj Discrete | Rob Le Nan | Caipirinha Band | DJ Viso Access All Areas | Pentagon Pod..Chocolate Bar..CrawDaddy.. Saturday July 10th (Doors from 11pm) Limited guest list available so email your name to [email protected] quick smart* Group bookings & table reservation enquries to [email protected]* ********************************************************************** SCRAMBLED @ POD (House & Techno) w/David De Valera, Antonio Duibher , Max Conte, Mikey Maguire & VJ Anle David De Valera (Voted Best Resident Dj @ Irish Dance Music Awards 2010) has immersed himself in the electronic music scene for over 8 years. In those 8 years he has somehow managed to run numerous amounts of successful nights some of Dublin's most prestigious clubs. Having witnessed his potential and obvious talent, David was signed up to record label Club 66 and Ananas Recordings.David exemplifies a new generation of Irish DJs. Operating in the same house/techno scene as his international peers, De Valera’s style incorporates a mix of pumping house and party techno.With tracks ‘Micro Pig’ and ‘Say that’ already getting support from the likes of Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Deepgroove, DJ Vibe, Guy J, Jerome Ism-ae, Paulo Mojo, Marc Antonio, Alan Fitzpatrick and more, it’s safe to say DJ and Producer David De Valera has had 2009 David's Myspace (Pentagon / 66 rec / Ananas records) : David's set from Pod : Antonio Duibher | DIBH / Life Festival : Max Conte DIBH / Life Festival : Dj Discrete | Chocolate Bar This week sees the return of Dj Discrete to the Chocolate bar playing a mix to bounce, bump, boogie down, bunny hop, jump, jack, jive, jitter-bug, freak out, frou frou, frolick, hustle, strut or just run around in a circle to. Whatever you're into as long as you're moving. Dj Discrete is quickly getting a name for himself for his high energy, good time sets refusing to be pigeonholed to a particular style and always keeping it fresh and fun and keeping those feet on the dancefloor. Expect anything from Reggae, Funk, Disco, Soul, Afro Boogie, House, Techno, Breaks. Rob Le Nan | Chocolate Bar Rob Le Nan is as comfortable playing a funky house and disco set as playing indie, nu wave or electro. Rob has a relentless passion for quality new and old music and likes to amaze the crowd with his energy, eclectic taste and great technical ability as a DJ. Rob has been holding successful residencies throughout Dublin for the last 5 years and never fails to create a party atmosphere. Brazilian Beats | Crawdaddy Dende Entertainment has great pleasure in hosting its famed event at Crawdaddy this Saturday as part of the PENTAGON. Brazilian Mix is the most traditional Brazilian night in Dublin; it has been enchanting the Irish public with the beauty of Brazilian Music since May 2007. Brazilian Mix is a charming blend of Brazil's most interesting cultural souvenirs. Celebration Brazilian style featuring: Caipirinha Band bringing to the city the traditional rhythms of Bahia, absorbing the public with the overwhelming happiness of its Carnival! DJ Viso Dende presenting the cream of Brazilian music with his distinctive set of Forró, Funk Carioca, Samba, Axé, Bossa Nova, Samba Rock and much more! Brazilian Mix is the only night in Dublin where you can feel the heat of our tropical summer! A place where friends congregate to get a unique taste of Brazilian vibes! ********************************************************************** PENTAGON THIS SATURDAY & EVERY SATURDAY ADMISSION NOW ONLY €10 Doors @ 11pm Chocolate Bar (Open from 6pm) POD | CrawDaddy Check for listings. Group Bookings & Enquries to [email protected] or [email protected] *Subject to terms and conditions
  • Pentagon, Dublin - presents Antonio 0'Duibhir/max Conte/david De Valera - Flyer front